30-Minute Meals

Low-Carb and Keto 30-minute meals are delicious and easy for a busy weeknight.

Simple recipes such as this Ground Beef Stir Fry that take just 30-minutes from start to finish will ensure that after a long day of work, everyone around the table is full and satisfied. The ultimate Bacon Burger is on the top of our low carb weekly menu plan as well because bacon is always better!

Whether you need to whip up a dinner recipe, lunch recipe, quick breakfast recipe or even a dessert recipe – like my Chocolate Skillet Cake – you can find one here that takes 30-minutes or less and is Keto-friendly. Many of our Keto One-Pot Meals also take 30-minutes or less from prep to table. My perfect chaffles speed up any sleepy kid on the weekdays before school. And the Instant Pot is surely the answer between work, school, and weeknight activities.

When you need it and need it fast, you’ll find the perfect Keto recipe here.