Breakfast Recipes

Keto and low carb breakfast may be one of our favorite options in part because it often means bacon. Have no fear, you won’t get bored or have to eat the same thing over and over again, and you don’t have to settle for just eggs. So many delicious options!


First off, there are options without eggs at all. Our Keto/Low Carb Breakfast Ideas without eggs offer options for anyone who is allergic or just plain tired of eggs. We get it. Variety is the spice of life.


We can’t forget our make and eat on the go worthy Make Ahead Low Carb Breakfast Burritos. This dish is not only a crowd pleaser (even with the little ones), it saves time without sacrificing flavor for those busy mornings on the go.


Speaking of easy and full of flavor, our Keto Breakfast Bake with Ham, Eggs and Cheese is a culinary delight with the perfect balance of hearty breakfast flavors and protein. Ham doesn’t always make it to breakfast, but when it does, it’s delicious!


Other easy make and bake low carb breakfasts include our Sausage Breakfast Casserole, Low Carb Breakfast Cheesy Egg Bacon Casserole,


And we can’t forget that delicious low carb breakfast can come in small-but-amazing packages like our Ham & Egg Breakfast Cups, Southwest Breakfast Cups and Keto Egg Cups with Bacon and Cheese. Little bites of keto friendly happiness are a GREAT way to start the day. Or if you’re more a “brinner” (breakfast+dinner) you might enjoy our Farmhouse BBQ Muffin Cups.


If bite size isn’t quite what you’re looking for, our quick and easy Keto Quiche is sure to please. It’s filling and filled with cheese and bacon, making it a crowd pleaser with every slice of egg-tastic goodness.


Going old school with breakfast can be tricky when following a Keto diet. But you don’t have to feel like you’re missing out with our Easy Low Carb Keto Biscuits Recipe. Think traditional southern goodness. We know you’re drooling a little just thinking about it.


Of course, not all low carb keto breakfasts are protein centric. Some are a little sweet way to start the day like our Keto Muffins with Lemon & Blueberry, Keto Pecan Pie Mini Muffin (dessert for breakfast for the win!) and Keto Pumpkin Muffins with a cream cheese swirl for the truly decadent way to start the day. More muffin options await with our Keto Low Carb breads and Keto Low Carb Desserts.