Keto Chaffles: Ultimate Tips for the BEST Chaffle Recipe

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If you miss bread since starting to eat a keto diet, you are in luck! Recently, keto chaffles have gone viral, and all of a sudden, there are endless possibilities for both sweet and savory chaffle recipes to satisfy all your cravings. In this post, I gathered all the tips I could find and answered all the questions I could think so that you can make the BEST Chaffle recipe ever.

Dash mini maker and Chaffles on a plate

Chaffles: Everything You Need to Know to Make the BEST Chaffle Recipe

Unless you have been hiding under or rock or just started following a keto diet, chaffles have taken the keto world by storm the past couple of weeks. Chaffle Recipes are posted all over keto Facebook groups and keto pages. They take what many of us miss and give us a way to enjoy a delicious low-carb bread or dessert. With so many recipe options, I polled my Facebook page, Facebook Group, and Instagram and asked everyone what questions they had about chaffles for this post to give you an ultimate list of helpful tips. 

picture of two chaffles on parchment paper

What is a Chaffle?

The traditional keto chaffle only has two ingredients egg and cheese. The egg and shredded cheese are combined then scooped out on a waffle iron called the Mini Dash Waffle Maker to make low-carb waffles (or chaffles). There are tons of variations of the traditional keto chaffle recipe that have resulted in sweet desserts as well as savory chaffles that use additional ingredients. I’ll include links in this post to various recipes.

How Do You Make a Chaffle?

You start by mixing the ingredients in a small bowl to make the batter. Most recipes are made for the Dash Mini Waffle Maker, but you can use a regular waffle iron. Add the ingredients to the waffle maker then cook for 4 minutes or until crispy if using a different waffle iron. If using the Dash Mini Maker you will generally make two per recipe, but make sure to check the number of servings in each recipe as it may vary.

What is the Nutritional Value?

The nutritional value of a keto low carb chaffle will vary depending on the ingredients used. In my recipes, I include nutritional information at the bottom of each recipe card.

blueberry keto waffle recipe with keto ice cream and dash mini waffle maker in the background


Can you taste the cheese in a sweet chaffle?

I personally cannot. I use mozzarella cheese in my sweet chaffle recipes. Of course, this question tends to be a bit subjective as one person might not be able to taste the cheese at all, and the next can. Not every sweet recipe calls for cheese, such as this Chocolate Chip Chaffle Keto Recipe.

Recipes for Sweet Chaffles?

taco Chaffle plated


What do you mean by savory?

Unlike keto-friendly waffles served with sugar-free syrup or fresh berries, savory waffles aren’t sweet. Instead, they are more like traditional bread and can be used to make crispy keto taco shells, personal pan pizzas, and more.

Savory Chaffle Recipes:

variety of cheese, coconut flour, and seasoning in a bowl for a savory chaffle

Varieties of Cheese for Chaffles:

Any suggestions on a cheese that isn’t cheddar? I tried mozzarella yesterday, and it was good. Today the triple cheddar wasn’t bad, just not as tasty.

I have used many different kinds of cheese when I make chaffle recipes. I’ve listed some of my favorites below. I also like to mix different varieties half and half.

  • Monterey Jack
  • Colby Jack
  • Mild Cheddar & Sharp Cheddar
  • White Cheddar Cheese
  • Mozzarella
  • Parmesan Cheese

Best Cheeses for Savory Chaffles – With the exception of a Peanut Butter & Jelly Chaffle sandwich that I make with Mozzarella cheese, I use combinations of the cheeses listed to make savory chaffles.

Best Cheese for Sweet Chaffles – I only use mozzarella cheese in sweet chaffles as it has a much milder flavor.

Can I use cream cheese instead of cheese?

While I haven’t tested it myself, I have read that you can use cream cheese in place of cheese, but the texture will be different. Cream cheese makes a much softer chaffle.

If one cannot eat dairy, what can I use instead of cheese?

I read in this post that this blogger made a chaffle with dairy-free cheese. Since I am not dairy-free, I’d rather you learn from her experience and recommendations.


chocolate keto waffle


How do you make non-eggy tasting chaffles?

Chaffles don’t taste like eggs to me, but I know that can vary from person to person as each person’s taste buds are different. Here are a couple of suggestions I’ve read in various keto groups.

  • Use eggs at room temperature
  • Egg whites in savory chaffle recipes give them a better taste and texture
  • Add either 1 tsp coconut flour or one tablespoon almond flour along with 1/4 tsp baking powder for a more breadlike texture.

Can you use egg whites?

Yes! In my recipe testing, I found that egg whites make much a crispier savory chaffle.


When do you know to add almond or coconut flour, and why?

Coconut flour gives chaffles a bit more of a bread-like texture in my experience, especially in sweet chaffle recipes. I have found that 1 tsp of coconut flour is all that is needed along with 1/4 tsp of baking powder. Since everyone’s tastes are different, it will be something you need to test on your own to find out which way you prefer to make your chaffles.

Tip: If using almond flour, the conversion would be one tablespoon as it is not interchangeable with coconut flour.

Why do some recipes add coconut or almond flour and some not?

I think it is just personal preferences from the recipe creators. I have tested them with and without, and while both are good, sometimes a bit of coconut flour or almond flour garners a better overall taste, especially in a sweet chaffle recipe.

What is the conversion from coconut flour to almond flour in keto chaffle recipes?

Usually, the standard conversion is one part coconut flour to four parts almond flour in keto recipes, but that isn’t the case when making chaffles. Since only a small amount of coconut flour is used in chaffle recipes, the overall conversion is one teaspoon coconut flour equals one tablespoon almond flour.

What Is the Purpose of Baking Powder?

The baking powder adds bubbles to the chaffle batter, causing them to puff up a bit and be less dense.


How Do I Store Chaffles If I Make Several at Once?

You can make several at a time to keep in the fridge, or you can bake extras to freeze. Follow the reheating instructions below for the best experience for reheating.

How Do I Reheat?

In my experience, reheating in the microwave isn’t enough if you want your chaffle to taste fresh. You can reheat in several different ways, such as a toaster, skillet, air fryer, or in the oven. My personal preference is a toaster oven or air fryer. You can also pop them back in the Dash Mini Waffle Maker to heat up and make them crispy again.

How Do I Make Chaffles Crispy?

There are a couple of things you can do to make it crispier. But, they may not be as crispy as a traditional waffle.

  1. Make sure the waffle maker is thoroughly heated
  2. Sprinkle a little cheese on the waffle iron before adding batter then a little more on top of the batter.
  3. Use only egg whites.
  4. Make sure to cook the chaffle until it is golden brown.
  5. They won’t feel crispy when you initially remove them from the waffle maker but will crisp as they sit.
  6. Pop them in the toaster oven or a skillet with a bit of butter for added crispness.


Is there a lower fat recipe?

Since Keto is a high-fat diet, I haven’t seen any lower-fat recipes.

How often can you eat chaffles?

I always say to take everything in balance. I don’t personally eat chaffles every day. For me, it is typically only 1-2 times per week, and I eat just one chaffle at a time, even if the serving size is two chaffles. What works for one person might not work for the next, so it is important to figure out what works for your body.

dash mini waffle maker


What equipment do most use to make a chaffle recipe?

It all started with the Dash Mini Waffle Maker. It makes one 4-inch chaffle at a time. The instant popularity of this small appliance can be attributed to several factors.

  • Small – doesn’t take up much space
  • Affordability – generally less than $15
  • Makes the perfect snack-sized waffles.
  • Grates are closer together and smaller resulting in a crispier chaffle

Where can I buy the Dash Mini Maker?

Amazon is always my go-to when I am looking for a new product because the price is generally good, and they deliver to my front porch, which is worth it to this momma of four. If you prefer to shop at other stores, look for the Dash Mini Maker at Kohl’s, Walmart, Target, Bed Bath and Beyond, etc. Make sure to check out Best Mini Waffle Makers for Chaffles.

What are some tips for using a mini waffle maker?

  1. Make sure to let it heat all the way up before adding the batter. The indicator light on the top of the Dash Mini Waffle Maker will light up when you plug it in to let you know that it is heating up. When it reaches optimal temperature, the light will go off, letting you know it is pre-heated. Although the cooking surface is non-stick, the manual suggests using a bit of cooking spray.

How to clean the dash mini maker?

  • Make sure the waffle maker has completely cooled
  • Wipe down with a damp cloth
  • Use a non-scratch sponge brush like this to remove the baked-on batter.
  • Wipe down again with a damp cloth along the inside and outside.
  • If the food does not come off, pour some oil on the grates and allow it to sit for 5-10 minutes then wipe off with a warm soapy cloth. Rinse the clothe and wipe down the waffle maker again.
  • Make sure not to submerge in water.

waffle namer


Do you need a mini waffle maker for a chaffle, or does full-size work?

You don’t have to use the Dash Mini Waffle Maker; however, most recipes you find online are made for that size waffle maker. To convert the recipe to a regular waffle maker, you may need more batter or make a smaller-sized chaffle. The cooking time will likely vary as well. If you had rather make several at once, this larger Dash Waffle Maker gives you the option of making four at a time.

Most recipes are for two chaffles, cooking for 4 minutes. How would you adjust for a standard waffle maker? Assuming you put the whole mixture on at once, would I still cook for 4 minutes? Is there a recipe for regular-size waffle makers? If so, what are the net carbs?

Since the size of regular waffle makers varies from manufacturer to manufacturer and different sizes from square to round, it is impossible to give a concrete answer. Keep in mind; you could always use the same amount of batter and divide it in half to make two on a regular waffle maker. You don’t have to make full-sized ones just because there is more surface area on a regular size waffle maker.

You could also use a standard waffle recipe instead. My recipe for keto waffles is fantastic. Keep in mind; they are a little higher in carbs than chaffles due to using different ingredients.

Belgium waffle maker


I have a Belgium waffle maker, and it makes them thicker than I like. Can I make them in a small skillet like a pancake?

You can try, but I haven’t personally tested any of these recipe s in a skillet. Also, you will miss out on some of the crisp texture that a waffle maker creates that makes the chaffles different than a pancake. The Dash Mini Waffle Maker has smaller grates that are closer together, which makes it crispier. Instead of trying a chaffle recipe as a pancake, I’ve included links to two keto pancake recipes below that I have tested that are incredible.


collage of tips for making the best Keto Chaffles


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  1. My latest attempt to make chaffles ended in them sticking to both the top and bottom grates in the waffle maker instead of them coming out like waffles what causes this? not enuff oil or not enuff of something in the recipe itself? It was just a simple egg and cheese i tried to do in it that time 😉 I’m almost afraid to try it again to find out i might have to buy a new waffle maker

  2. I currently don’t have a waffle maker, mainly because I do not like the teflon non-stick coating. Just too much controversy over this chemical. I have ordered a Presto ceramic waffle maker, which I’m assuming is a regular size waffle maker but without the teflon coating. I really want to try some of delicious sounding chaffle recipes and I hope that when my waffle maker comes, I can turn out a decent chaffle. I would love to know if anyone else uses a ceramic waffle maker to make chaffles and if there are any special tips I should know.

    1. I’m going to answer my own question here, and don’t laugh, I’ve never made a waffle in my life. I borrowed a friends waffle maker, I believe it’s a regular and not a belgian. I made the Maple Pumpkin chaffles today and thought since this isn’t a mini waffle maker, I’ll put the whole recipe of batter in. Big mistake as I had waffle batter oozing all over the place. The waffle itself was great, but I sure had a mess. I think I lost at least a third of the batter. I hope when my new waffle maker gets here it will tell the volume the maker will hold without spilling over. And since this particular recipe called for 2 eggs, perhaps recipes that call for one egg will fit into a regular waffle maker.
      Just some comments in the event that there are others out there who are not adept at making waffles like me.

    1. I don’t even pay attention. I just pop them in and watch them. I typically start off anything in the air fryer at 300 degrees when rewarming.

  3. Wowie Zowie Kasey these were beyond amasezing! I have been Keto for 7 months but this is the best thing I have ever tried from an online recipe for keto and I have never written in for anyone’s recipes. I made them in a regular waffle iron and did 2 batches using the coconut flour and baking powder because I like crispy. Who woulda thought… So fast, flexible flavor for cheeses and herbs. When my kids were young over 30 years ago I use to make them waffle sandwiches with various cheeses and meat, they were thrilled but I digress anyways thank you for this tasty share with tips. Todays lunch was Chaffle brisket and swiss cheese with black olives and romaine…I will definitely be looking at more of your recipes and tips. Thank you!!!

    1. I’m so glad to hear~ I’m glad you enjoyed it so much then took the time to comment. I really appreciate it. I hope you find more recipes that you enjoy.

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