Mouthwash and Vinegar Foot Soak Recipe for Soft Feet!


Mouthwash and Vinegar Foot Soak Recipe for Soft Feet

Use two common household ingredients to soak your way to soft feet in no time! After soaking, your heels will be more supple and your feet will feel cool and tingly.

Jamie here – I have the worst WORST summertime feet! My habit of running around barefoot all over the place, only slightly worse than wearing flip-flops all over the place, leaves them dry and cracked. My heels are especially bad. I’ve used a ped-egg several times, and various exfoliating scrubs/creams, etc… but this home remedy has actually worked better for me than everything else combined!

All you need is mouthwash, vinegar and warm water and you’re ready to soak.  I put roughly 1/2 cup mouthwash, 1/2 cup vinegar and 4 cups of very warm water into a large bowl and set myself down in front of Murder She Wrote for a nice soak. When the water is good and cold, pull your feet out and scrub your heels vigorously with a towel to remove any dead skin that has loosened up.

Follow with some thick lotion and pull on a pair of socks before bed.

I did this two nights in a row this week and I’m so happy with how much better they’re looking!

I plan to do it again this evening, just to see how much more of a difference I can make. While my feet are soaking, I like to rub the cracked sides of my heels together, in hopes that I’ll help along the exfoliation. It probably doesn’t really do anything – but ya’ know, couldn’t hurt either.

Why does this work at all?

Mouthwashes, for instance, Listerine or Colgate, have antiseptic ingredients that kill bacteria and other microorganisms

Vinegar helps to soften the callouses on your feet because it is a mild acid, so it will wear away a little of the dead skin. As an added bonus – vinegar kills mold – so if you have any fungus problems, this may help!

I had white distilled vinegar on hand, so that is what I used – but I’ve heard apple cider vinegar with the mother in it is better (it’s a tad more acidic).

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