Kids Valentines Poems: Cute Ideas for Cards & Crafts!

Kids Valentine’s Poems

Valentine’s Day is coming soon – and we’ve gathered up some Kids Valentines Poems and other cute sayings that will hopefully get your creative juices flowing!

Handprint Valentines Poem:

This isn’t just any handprint, as you can plainly see.
For it is a special handprint, made with love by me.
Along with the handprint I send hugs and kisses your way,
And wish you a very “Happy Valentine’s Day!”

Fruits & Veggies Valentines Poem:

You may not “carrot” all for me the way I care for you
You may “turnip” your nose when I plead with you
But if your heart should “beet” with mine, forever let us hope
There is no reason in the world why we too “Cantaloupe”

Roses Are Red Valentines Poem:

Roses are Red, Violets are Blue
Carnations are Sweet and So Are You!

Hearts Valentines Poem:

A hundred hearts would be too few
To carry the love I have for you

There are lots of cute Valentine’s Sayings you can affix to a craft or trinket and hand out – here are a few to get you thinking!

  • “You make my heart flutter” (Butterfly-shaped card with sucker or pencil)
  • “I Dig You” (Plastic shovel and m&m’s in a bag)
  • “You make me bubble with joy Valentine” (Bubbles)
  • “Will You O-fish-ally be my Valentine?” (Goldfish crackers)





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