The Best Keto Products on Amazon — Shopping List


Everyone loves the convenience of shopping on Amazon. To make this journey easier for you to manage, don’t miss out on this list of the Best Keto Products on Amazon (and low-carb). Check out our tips below and start shopping!

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Keto Amazon Shopping List

If you are like me, Amazon boxes often make an appearance at your house. It is so much easier and usually cheaper to order Keto/Low Carb specialty items off of Amazon than to drive all around town hoping to find them.

I asked my Keto/Low Carb Facebook Group and Page when I began sharing recipes and their suggestions so that I could create an Amazon Keto & Low Carb List of the best Keto products on Amazon, tried and true by all of you! Of course, you don’t need all of these items to get started, but little by little, you can figure out what products you will use most often and begin to stock your keto kitchen.

Between shopping at your local grocery store and this Amazon Keto List, you will have all the items you need to recreate your favorite recipes, making following this way of eating easier. You’ll also want to check out my Keto/Low Carb basic grocery list free printable for your next shopping trip at your local grocery store.

Tip: There are many great resources online. Don’t miss my comprehensive How to Get Started with the Keto Diet ebook, which includes all the resources you need to get started. It is simple to download and doesn’t require reading multiple blog posts.

You can view all of the Best Keto Products on Amazon HERE in one easy curated list on Amazon instead of clicking each individual link below.

Keto Books:

This list of books is ideal for the beginner on the keto journey. Education is your friend. Especially when others tell you this isn’t a good diet to follow.

Keto Urine Sticks:

If you aren’t sure if you are in ketosis yet, there are several different ways to test.

Nut Butter/Nuts:

Nut butters and nuts are an excellent source of healthy fats and proteins on your keto journey. Make sure to add your favorites to the list.

Bone Broth:

Bone broth adds extra nutrients that some traditional broth doesn’t have. Add this to soups, drink it by itself, or use it in many of our favorite keto recipes.


Olives are a favorite snack and side with meals. I’ve heard the garlic-stuffed olives are delicious.

Coffee Supplies:

You don’t have to give up your flavored coffee drinks. These supplies make it easy to stay keto-compliant without sacrificing the flavor you love.


Sugar-free chocolate is a lifesaver on the keto journey. These are some of my favorites to add to my daily routine.


Snacks are always a hit when you feel like you want to munch on something. These are some of our favorites on the Amazon shopping list.

Sauces and Condiments:

You may not realize how much sugar and how many carbs are in your favorite condiments. This Amazon shopping list has some of our favorite brands of replacement condiments to stock in the pantry.


Every meal is better with some tasty spices! Check out these three favorites.

Thickening Agent for Soups, Sauces, and Desserts:

Without flour, you need a good thickening agent. This is a must in every keto pantry.


While I use coconut flour most often in my baking, there are many other keto-friendly options. Check out these to find one that works for you.

Baking/Cooking/Meal products:

These few other items are fantastic to have on hand to make your kitchen endeavors easier to manage. I especially love Lily’s chocolate chips!


Oils are not just for cooking but also for adding those healthy fats your body needs.


Keto Water Enhancer or Electrolyte Replacement:

If you struggle to drink water without something added, this is a great brand to try on our Amazon shopping list.

MCT Oil/Collagen:

Adding MCT Oil and Collagen to your routine is a must. These are our preferred brands.

Baking Pans/Fat Bomb Molds/Misc:

Every home cook needs some tools to make their recipes turn out beautiful. These are very popular items.

Meal Prep Containers:

Food prep is a big part of staying on track with your keto journey. This set of 3 compartment containers is my favorite.

Low Carb Items:

These last two items are convenience foods that are more low-carb than strict keto. They make those busier days easier to handle.

You can view all of the Best Keto Products on Amazon HERE in one easy curated list on Amazon instead of clicking each individual link above.

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While this list of the Best Keto Products on Amazon is a favorite of ours, you may find you need help in other areas. We have tons of great shopping lists linked below that are wonderful resources. You can access all of my Keto/Low Carb Recipes or follow me on Pinterest for easy and delicious recipes.


  1. I am so happy I found you on IG and visited your website. As a newbie, I find your website very resourceful and I will be a continued user and follower! Thanks again for helping so many of us out there. 🙂

  2. I’m so glad I came across your website. I really want to do a Keto diet but when I read about keeping track of macros and such, I got overwhelmed just thinking about it! I was getting ready to just forget about it until I ran across your article on why you don’t count macros. It was a great article! I’ve decided to move forward with the Keto diet but not counting and trying to track the macros because I know I will throw in the towel before I even get started. It really is just about eating healthier in an effort to be around for those grand babies!! Thanks!

  3. Invaluable! Digging in and ready to shop your line, thank you. In fact, referred friends to you already! Do you have a favorite slow-cooker, may I ask?

    1. Hey Sharon, I prefer multicookers to save kitchen space. So find something that is a 7 in 1 or 9 in 1 with a slow cooker function.

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