5 Things I Didn’t do on my Weight Loss Journey

The weight loss journey for many lasts a lifetime. Are you feeling overwhelmed by it? So many people feel the same way. I know I did! After baby number four, I knew I needed to do something to lose weight and get healthy again. My weight loss story was a success. Do you want to know how I did it? I kept it simple.

I Didn’t Track

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Measuring and tracking every bite of food I put in my mouth would have pushed me over the edge. Instead, I counted carbs in my head and made sure to add healthy fats to my meals to stay full.

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I Didn’t Eat Strict Keto

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While I attempted strict keto at first, it was not for me. With 4 kids and a full plate of life, I knew I could not stick to it long-term. I found that following a healthy low-carb lifestyle worked best.

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I Didn’t Go Off Plan

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For the first 100 days of my keto journey, I did not cheat. I knew that I needed to form healthier eating habits. I was able to travel and even go on vacation without feeling deprived.

I Didn’t Quit When Weight Loss Stalled

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Despite hitting a month-long weight loss plateau more than once, I persevered and kept going. Over time, I saw results and exceeded my original weight loss goal.

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I Didn’t Fast

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I believe Intermittent fasting is beneficial, but initially, I chose not to force myself
into fasting. A healthy lifestyle change was already challenging enough. Instead, I listened to my body. If I felt genuinely hungry, I ate; if not, I didn’t.

I didn’t rely on a clock to dictate my meals or obsess over hitting specific macros for the day. Instead, I allowed my natural hunger cues to guide my eating habits.

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My Favorite Low-Carb Meal…EVER!

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OK, Everyone has a favorite meal, right? Here is mine. This recipe is a go-to in our home. Low-Carb, comfort food at its best! I promise. So do the over 10,000,000 people that have shared the video on Facebook!

Get the Recipe: Here.

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