Stroller Review: BOB Revolution PRO DUALLIE

Disclaimer: I was provided with a BOB Revolution PRO DUALLIE stroller for my review. All text and opinion are my own.

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I’ve been using strollers off and on for the past 14 years. If you are a mom than you understand the importance of a good stroller. I’ve had so many different kinds, but I’ve never had a great jogging stroller. Now, before you think I’m a marathon runner, I can assure you I’m not. In fact, I’ve been either pregnant or having babies for the past four years, so I haven’t done any running at all. I did, however, walk during my pregnancies, and I’m ready to get back into a walking routine. My goal is to build up to jogging so when BOB offered to send me a BOB Revolution PRO DUALLIE stroller to review I was so excited! I have always heard about the exquisite quality of BOB strollers, but this was my first personal experience. I would have to agree that the quality is unlike any stroller I have used before, and with two little girls, ages 3 and 1 a double or “duallie” stroller that can transport two children was at the top of our list. The 50 lb weight limit for each side and the slim design to get through most doorways is exactly what we were looking for so that it would last us a long time. I wish I would have had it when my baby was first born as it is travel system-ready with the appropriate BOB infant car seat and car seat adapter. Although there are many features of the BOB Revolution PRO DUALLIE Stroller, I thought I’d share with you my favorite features that I found especially helpful with two littles.

Bob Stroller Review Adjust Height

I’m going to start by highlighting my very favorite feature, the adjustable padded handlebar. I am 6 foot tall and have always struggled with strollers that are made for people who are much shorter than me causing me to have to bend over to grab the handlebars. I’m sure that if you are shorter, you might have had a similar experience with handlebars being too tall. You don’t have to worry with the BOB Revolution PRO DUALLIE because it offers nine positions to create the perfect fit for parents of any height.

Bob Stroller Review adjust seats with one hand

With our little girls, often times the baby will nap more than my toddler. The one hand release make reclining super simple with just the touch of a button. The best part is that each child’s seat can be adjusted separately so one can be upright while the other lays down.

Bob Stroller review wrist strap and break

The handlebar also offers a hand-activated brake and a wrist strap, which is helpful in making sure that you don’t lose control going downhill.

BOB stroller review canapy

With UPF50+ and the extra large canopies, the babies are protected from the sun and weather, but can still be monitored through large viewing windows. As you can see, the canopies are such a great size that the baby had to turn her head sideways to see out because the canopy sheltered her so well.

bob stroller review snacks

How can you go for a stroll and not pack snacks? Thankfully, storage is easy in the BOB Revolution PRO DUALLIE stroller. There are several pockets to store snacks, sippy cups, and bottles both in the back of the stroller and on the sides of each seat.

BOB Stroller Review storage

I was very impressed with the extra large cargo area underneath the stroller. Besides the convenience and ease of transporting children, in my opinion, the second most important attribute of a stroller is storage. There was plenty of space for both of our girls’ diaper bags and toys for each.

Bob Stroller Review Holding hands

The 5 point harness system keeps your kids secure in their seats so they can comfortably ride while you have peace of mind that they are safe.

padded seats collage

The ultra-padded seats are extra comfy, so much so that our 3 yr old asked if she could eat breakfast sitting in the stroller for a week. Since we will use this stroller not only for exercise but also to take on trips when we travel, I appreciate the fact that our girls will be sitting in padded seats that offer ventilation especially since the summers are hot in Tennessee.

BOB Stroller Review 3

Our girls love to be able to look around when we are out and about. The fully upright seating offers the opportunity to see everything around them.

Bob Stroller Review Brake

The foot-activated parking brake is so easy to use, and it gives peace of mind to know that the stroller is secure and parked. If you’ve ever had a stroller run away from you after stopping, then you understand the importance of a great parking brake.

BOB Stroller Review Fold Stroller collage

I had my hubby walk me step-by-step how to fold up the BOB Revolution PRO DUALLIE. We are headed to Disney soon and want to take this stroller with us. If needed we can remove both the front and back wheels to make it even more compact. The quick-release design makes it easy to take them off and on in a snap.

All in all, I am very impressed with the BOB Revolution PRO DUALLIE stroller. For those who are runners, it is an all-terrain stroller with air-filled tires, which makes for a smooth ride both on and off the road. Also, the front wheel can swivel or be locked forward for ease of use and greater stability in any kind of environment. Personally, my three favorite features are the adjustable handlebar, extra large storage, and the ultra-padded seats for comfort. If you have littles, you know that anything that makes the experience better for them makes it better for you. I would recommend this stroller to anyone who walks, jogs or needs a double stroller with the kind of features listed above. My only negative is that cupholders in the handlebar don’t come standard. However, I found a handlebar console on Amazon for a great price. I think a snack tray in the front of the stroller could be valuable as well, but not sure if it is worth the additional investment. Besides my personal opinion that I wish the cupholder was standard, there isn’t anything else that I would say this stroller is missing. In fact, I love everything about it and have been extremely impressed with the quality and ease of use.

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