Pigeon Forge Snow: Indoor Snow Tubing Review


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Pigeon Forge Snow Review

Pigeon Forge Snow Indoor Snow Tubing Review

Last weekend we went out of town for a quick getaway to Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge, TN, with friends. We vacation there several times a year and always look forward to new attractions between trips. I was especially intrigued when I saw the brand new Pigeon Forge Snow Indoor Snow Tubing. Since our kids are of varying ages, we thought it would be a fun afternoon treat for everyone, and we had a great time.

Since I’ve been pregnant twice in the past four years, I haven’t been able to participate in many different activities with my family. I was super pumped to join in as I love snow tubing. It had been ten years since my last snow tubing adventure. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but after enjoying several hours there, I wanted to share my Pigeon Forge Snow review as it is a fantastic attraction anytime the weather is too hot, cold, or raining. 

pigeon forge indoor tubing

Is the Snow Real?

Pigeon Forge Snow is the first indoor year-round snow tubing attraction of its kind not only in the smoky mountains but also in America that offers real snow made from 100% water without any additives.

Are Reservations Required? Do I Buy Snow Tubing Tickets in Advance?

You can come anytime without making reservations, which is helpful while on vacation. Or, you can make reservations on their website if you prefer for a particular date. We don’t like to commit to a tight schedule when we vacation. We ended up going around dinner time after a late lunch from 6 pm to 8 pm, and it was perfect timing because we barely had to wait. You can either purchase your tickets online or when you walk in the door.

Pigeon Forge Snow Review

Do You Need to Rent Specialized Equipment to Snow Tube?

There is no specialized equipment needed other than the tube that is provided. You grab your tube and head up the automatic incline that carries you to the top. You stand in line and choose one of the open slots. It was super fun to go down with friends so that we could race against each other.

What is the Minimum Age Requirement?

The minimum height is 38 inches and three years old, although I felt that our three year old, who met the height requirements, was too small for the big hills. Thankfully, they have an area where she played in the snow, and she was perfectly content the entire time we were there.

Pigeon Forge Snow two people tubing having a blast

The snow hills were bigger and faster than I expected! As you can tell by the look of sheer joy on my oldest daughter’s face and our friend behind here, we had an absolute blast.

Pigeon Forge Snow boy tubing screaming with fun

My son had a blast as well. We had a group of 10 with us of all ages from parents, teen, tween, elementary, toddler, and babies. It was a great attraction for everyone. The babies napped most of the time, so they were very content while we were there. I appreciated the fact that the viewing areas were stroller friendly, as this is not always the case.

Can You Take Pictures Inside?

Yes, you can take your pictures if you’d like. Or, Pigeon Forge Snow has photographers taking pictures while you are tubing with up-close shots. These pictures were much better than the ones we captured on our phones, and the prices were reasonable. We loved the professional pics so much we bought them all on a flash drive.

little girl in front of fake snow

Is There More to Do Besides Snow Tubing?

Yes, there is a snow play area where guests can build snowmen and play in the snow as well as a snack bar and viewing area to watch those tubing.

What Should I Wear to Pigeon Forge Snow? Is it cold?

It is between 60-70 degrees year-round inside. Their website suggests wearing a long sleep shirt or light jacket with closed-toe shoes. We weren’t exactly prepared when we went and will make sure to wear shoes that are more accommodating. You certainly don’t need full winter attire, but open-toed shoes do get rather cold when walking around in the snow area for the little ones. While we were active tubing down the hills, I was comfortable in a t-shirt, ankle jeans, and sandals, but when I sat down with the babies, I did get a tiny bit chilly.

I was glad that we didn’t need to bring coats, gloves, hats, etc. for everyone as with a family of 6, all of that can be very overwhelming. For my family, snow tubing at Pigeon Forge Snow is a fantastic way to enjoy a day of tubing without having to lug all of our snow gear out of town, and I don’t have to worry about my little ones freezing.

How Do I Find Pigeon Forge Snow Tubing Coupon?

From time to time, I’ve seen discount coupons for Pigeon Forge Snow on Groupon. I also found a $2.00 off coupon on a Smokey Mountain discount site. To keep this post current, I would suggest googling Pigeon Forge Snow Discounts” to get the most updated available discounts.

If you want to feel like a kid again and forget the worries of this life, there is nothing but excitement as you snow tube down the hills at Pigeon Forge Snow. All in all, we loved Pigeon Forge Snow and look forward to our next trip. If you are thinking about visiting, check out their FAQ’s as I thought they were beneficial to answer my questions.

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