10 Water Balloon Games (For Kids, Teens & Youth Groups)

Water Balloons are some of my kids’ favorite things to play with in the summer – here are 10 fun games to play with them! These make a great summer birthday party theme or fun way to wrap up VBS or Youth Group events. And save yourself HOURS with these awesome water balloons that tie themselves – so worth it and I’ve had lots of friends say it really does work great!


*You’ll find 100 more fun ideas on our Summer Bucket List Printable.

  1. Water Balloon Spoon Race

    Holding a spoon in your mouth, place the water balloon on it and race to the finish line. First to the end with an intact balloon wins!

  2. Water Balloon Squat Relay

    Relay race where the kids run to the finish line (perhaps a hula hoop) and sit on the water balloon – popping it – before running back.

  3. Water Balloon Toss

    Stand close together across from a partner and toss the water balloon, moving further and further apart with each toss.

  4. Water Balloon Volleyball

    Divide a group into two teams on either side of a line, net, hose etc… Give each team a sheet or towel to toss the water balloon back and forth.

  5. Water Balloon Back-to-Back Race

    Pairs of kids hold a water balloon between their backs and race to the finish line without popping it. If it pops – they must run back to the start line to retrieve another.

  6. Water Balloon Hot Potato

    Just like regular hot potato, but whoever has the balloon when the music ends must smash it over their head.

  7. Water Balloon Ring Toss

    Have one child hold a hula hoop and another try to make it through the hoop for points

  8. Water Balloon Capture the Flag

    Just like regular capture the flag – but use water balloons to get people out!

  9. Duck Duck Splash!

    Played like Duck Duck Goose, but the chooser breaks the water balloon on the person’s head who they choose to be the chaser

  10. Leaky Water Relay

    Poke a hole in each balloon and kids race to fill a bucket with the leaky balloons. Whichever team fills their bucket first wins.

To get a squeaky clean yard at the end of the day, offer a prize for the child who brings back the most pieces of water balloons 🙂








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