Summer Bucket List Printable (100 Fun ideas!!)

Summer Bucket List Final Image

This summer bucket list printable we posted last year has so many fun ideas – we just had to repost it! It sure makes it easier to come up with an answer to “Mommmm, we’re bored!” when this is hanging on the fridge 🙂  And make sure you check out some more Staycation-style summer fun ideas here!

I so want to be purposeful with my kids this summer and enjoy our break from school. For the past couple of years I have printed out a bucket list, and we’ve sat down with our kids to find out what is important to them. Then, we find time to do some of the things that they enjoy. (Notice I didn’t say ALL, because we’ve got to be reasonable too.) I have found that by doing this, we are much more purposeful to create memories and traditions that are meaningful to our family. From the time they are born, we only get 18 summers (unless they decide to stay home longer). In the day to day life of responsibilities, I know that sometimes the days seem so very long. However, the years fly by so fast I don’t want to waste time with my children.

I found this super cute, colorful Summer Bucket List Printable and wanted to share with you. I printed out a copy for my kids and gave them a pen so they could star the activities that peaked their interest as well as mark off the ones that didn’t suit their fancy. Make sure to print off a copy for your family, and make purposeful memories this summer.

Click to print ———->Summer Bucket List Printable


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