REVIEW!! Hiwassee River Retreat – a Couple’s Getaway

Imagine just you and your special someone, an incredibly romantic glam cabin, and views to die for. Interested? Yeah, so were we! We loved the Hiwassee River Retreat so much that we thought we’d share our experience with you.

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We love getting away for a few days several times per year without the kids. Yes, we love and enjoy our kids, but we have found that taking this intentional one-on-one time helps us be better spouses and parents. Our latest time away took us to the Hiwassee River Retreat located in Calhoun, Tennessee.

Outside of cabin with large tree in front. sign hanging on tree says The 143.

The glam cabin is located about 50 minutes north of Chattanooga, TN. While it is only a few minutes off the highway, the drive to the property winds through rural country roads for about 10 minutes. Pulling up to the gated property, I knew we were in for a great time. The cabin was beautiful! Farmhouse chic sitting right on the Hiwassee River.

Outside of sunshine chapel II

The Hiwassee River Retreat has two cabins (The 143, where we stayed, and Beloved), a lofted tree-top soaking tub, and the Sunshine Chapel II, with another new cabin in the works. The area is surrounded by lots of trees and the lake. While there is another cabin close by, you have complete privacy.

View from front door looking into cabin. King size bed and soaking tub with windows looking out to river.

Entering the cabin was like stepping into our private oasis. Opening the door, I was greeted by the wonderful smell of the cabin and romantic music playing from an Alexa speaker. The 143 has a farmhouse feel but is so glamorous.

king size bed with gray headboard and tv cabinet at foot of bed,

interior view of the cabin looking down from loft

There was a king-size bed that was so comfortable. Two side chairs with a small electric fireplace between them. The clawfoot soaking tub sits in the corner of the room overlooking the river. Heated tile floors, comfy robes, and a double showerhead wait in the bathroom.

dining table that seats 2 people with light hanging over table

white cabinets with black counter top. well stocked kitchen with floating wooden shelves.

Coffee drawer open. Lots of k-cups, coffee filters, and sweeteners.

Breakfast caddy with several instant mixes as breakfast bar diy options.

The kitchen is well stocked with everything you need to make an entire meal: pots, pans, utensils, seasonings, etc. It also has a DIY breakfast bar with instant options such as muffins, biscuits, pancakes, and gravy mixes, so you don’t have to run out for breakfast and waste time away from the cabin.

Loft area with table and 2 chairs. 2 carts with several game options behind the table.

2 people holding a game called the suples game

There is a loft with a table and chairs, romantic and connecting couples games, a record player, and a karaoke machine. We loved the loft. We sang karaoke together until we were crying from laughter. We found one couples game that we really enjoyed. It kind of tested how well you know each other. Some of the other games were, should I say, a little more risque. lol.

2 chairs with small electric fireplace between. several books on top of the fireplace.

claw foot soaking bath tub under a window

view from king sized bed looking out windows at river in the early morning

Overall, the cabin’s interior is super cozy and inviting. The Hiwassee River Retreat has nailed the romantic atmosphere. For anyone looking for quiet time to connect, opportunities to strengthen their relationship, laughter, romance, etc. The 143 at the Hiwassee River Retreat was that for us.

view of outside of cabin. 2 chairs and fire pit in the forefront. Dining area, hot tub, and outdoor shower in background.

looking through trees at river with a dock in the distance.

man looking through binoculars sitting on dock.

outdoor shower

There is so much to do outside of the cabin. The outdoor amenities are numerous from the bed swing, outdoor eating area, two-person hot tub, outdoor shower, fire pit, and sitting area on the dock. We are not super outdoorsy, but for those who are, there are also kayaks and paddle boards to enjoy on the river. We loved sitting on the dock with binoculars and taking in a Bald Eagle on the other side of the river! We also enjoyed the fire pit and hot tub; Gary loved the outdoor shower.

welcome basket shaped like heart

Booking was so quick and easy. The Hiwassee River Retreat website has all the info you will need to plan your getaway. One wonderful touch was the welcome basket waiting for us upon arrival. It had snacks, slippers, sparkling cider (wine is also available), a couples worksheet regarding love languages, and a heart-shaped padlock (more on that in a minute).

It’s hard to say what our favorite thing was. There are so many amenities to choose from:

  • Cozy king-sized bed with a view – The bed was soooo comfy.
  • HVAC + Electric Fireplace
  • Hidden Streaming Footrest TV + DVD player—The TV at the end of the bed felt just like the movies. When we were done, we pushed the button, and the TV lowered into the cabinet. So clever!
  • The “Rural” Wi-Fi accommodates cell phones—we never had any issues. We streamed shows and our phones had service in case the kids needed us.
  • Loft with games, record player, and relationship-building activities— We loved the karaoke. The video will not be shared, lol!
  • Hot tub – Perfect way to wind down in the evening.
  • Outdoor showers for 2 (seasonal) – My husband took multiple showers outside (even when the indoor shower with a double shower head was empty.
  • Smokeless Solo Stove Firepit –  It’s always nice to sit by the campfire and not smell like it! Thanks, Solo!
  • Gas Grill
  • Outdoor dining bar with a view – We ate dessert outside at the dining bar. So quiet and peaceful.
  • Clawfoot Soaking Tub with a view
  • Heated tile bathroom floors – Never had to worry about chilly toes.
  • Walk-in shower for 2
  • Toiletries included
  • Fridge/Freezer
  • Stove & Microwave
  • Toaster
  • Keurig, Coffee Maker & French Press – So many K-cup options!
  • Cooking Essentials
  • Coffee & Tea Bar
  • DIY Breakfast Bar included
  • Gated 7 acre property
  • Dock shared between both cabins – Sitting on the dock was so peaceful!
  • Fishing gear
  • Kayaks & Paddleboard
  • Cornhole & Horseshoes
  • Lock of Love Wall – LOVED THIS!
  • Selfie Mural Barn – Such a great photo op!
  • Sunset Truckbed Dates – We missed out on this. Wish we had gotten to see the sunset from the bed of the old truck!

2 people standing in front of the Locks of Love fence with lots of padlocks behind them.

2 hands holding a white heart shaped lock

Possibly our favorite (other than just spending time together in such a beautiful setting) was the Locks of Love. This is a small fence where the heart-shaped padlock is hung, and the key is thrown away. This was very emotional for us. When you have walked through the darkest of valleys in your marriage and are walking out the other side, you don’t take anything for granted. We placed that lock on the fence, threw the key away, held each other, and said a prayer.

2 people standing in front of a barn with cute writing and sayings on it.

Our stay was quick, but we jammed as much as we could into our time at The 143. We only stayed for one night but would have loved another night. If you are looking for a peaceful retreat for your relationship, look no further. The setting, ambiance, amenities, and sheer beauty set The Hiwassee River Retreat apart from many other places we have stayed. This is a can’t miss!! Visit their site or socials and see for yourself.

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