Selah Ridge: The Epic Lookout Tower Review


Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Selah Ridge Resort. All opinions are our own.

Have you ever needed to escape the rat race of everyday life? We found ourselves in this place over the last couple of months. We felt the need to unplug from EVERYTHING! Work, kids, stress, constant running here and there…you are probably starting to understand and maybe even feel the same way. We discovered our chance to make a break from everything by visiting The Epic Lookout Tower at Selah Ridge Treesort, located in Ringgold, GA. What a piece of Heaven.

Selah Ridge Epic Lookout Tower Collage

Selah Ridge Treesort Epic Lookout Tower

We live a wide-open, busy life. Between currently homeschooling three of our kids, having one kid in college, being small business owners with numerous businesses, and having kids involved in extracurricular activities, it is sometimes hard to connect with each other. We have a date night every week and still find ourselves needing and wanting time alone, I mean away from everything.

View of lookout tower at night

The past few years have been difficult years; we are discovering more and more that resting and a peaceful environment with breathtaking views are our getaways of choice.

view of mountains from 3rd level

Magical Couples Getaway

We recently had the opportunity to visit The Epic Lookout Tower located at Selah Ridge Treesort in Ringgold, Ga. Ringgold is a small town near Chattanooga, TN, that touches the Appalachian Mountains. For those of you that have not visited the North Georgia mountains, you are missing out. They are some of the most beautiful mountains and towns you have seen.

picture of us with mountains behind us

This trip was our attempt to unplug from everything that was screaming for our time and attention and focus on each other. We figured a trip to the mountains was a great chance to connect, focus on each other, and get some much-needed rest.

As we pulled up to the property, we knew we had made the right choice. Seclusion and beauty. Just what we needed. No road noise, bright city lights, schedules, and kids!!!!

Living quarters

luggage lift going to 2nd level of epic lookout tower

The Epic Lookout Tower stands 45 feet tall with a 2nd-floor entertainment and 3rd-floor living area. We brought quite a bit with us for the two-day trip. Go figure. How is it that we planned on staying at the tower the entire time, but Kasey had to bring six outfits? Clothes, food for meals, and lots of reading and journaling materials. I was so glad to see a luggage lift waiting on us on the ground floor. I loaded the lift up, and our items met us on the 2nd and 3rd floors.

welcome gift on bed

We were blown away when we opened the living quarters’ door. It was so beautiful, peaceful, and cozy feeling. We were greeted with a welcome gift, smores kits, and a very kind hand-written note.

picture of bed epic lookout tower selah ridge

The living area on the 3rd level has a kitchenette containing a Smeg mini-refrigerator, microwave, coffee maker, utensils, dishware, silverware, drinkware, and several board and card games. The king-size bed with amazing ambient lighting was so great. The 5-star memory foam mattress was really comfortable, and we may have stayed in bed as late as our college daughter does on Saturdays! Lol. A half-bath is also located on this level. The views from 45 feet high are breathtaking. The wrap-around windows allow sunrise and sunset views while taking in the Appalachian mountains. Nothing like waking up to the sunrise and watching it go down from the same spot in the tower.

picture of swing bed on entertainment level

Entertainment level

Our favorite part of the Epic Lookout Tower was the entertainment deck. This level contains a gas grill, a Gozney pizza oven, a mini refrigerator, an incredible swing bed, and a Nebula projector with a large projector screen.

Ground level

view of grounds with putting green and jacuzzi

jacuzzi and fire pit

outdoor shower with water flowing

The ground level is where a lot of the fun happens. The ground floor has a putting green with several golf clubs, putters, golf balls, a beautiful Universal Rocks hot tub that looks like it’s made of rock, a propane fire pit, and an outdoor shower.

Additional Amenities

inside of Greenhouse at Selah Ridge Epic Lookout tower

inside of greenhouse

There are a few shared amenities on the grounds that are fantastic. The greenhouse is amazing. It is an incredible place to grab a book and relax. You may even see bunnies hopping around you while hanging out around the greenhouse. There is also an area for ax and spear throwing. The greenhouse is an excellent area for pictures too!

Additional services available

gary ready for a message in the lookout tower

Yes, this is one of our guilty pleasures. Massages. There is a masseuse that will come to Selah Ridge. I decided to surprise Kasey with massages, and we were both so pleased with the quality. Depending on the weather, the massages can be done outside or in. We chose inside since it was chilly.

Communicating with the owners during the booking process, you can also line up getting the refrigerator stocked with the groceries of your choice, a custom charcuterie board, a treetop photo shoot, and cocktails delivered to the tower. All of these are available as an add-on experience at The Epic Lookout Tower.

Now that I’ve given you a virtual tour of The Epic Lookout Tower let’s jump into the most enjoyable moments from our trip.


muffins sitting on counter

steak and green beans on grill

kasey making pizza

Traditionally we run all over the place when we go out of town. It’s our chance to find new restaurants and new places to thrift. This time was different. We wanted to focus on our time together, so we decided to stay on-site the entire time. No leaving for food or thrifting. Lol. So we brought everything we would need for our two days. We loved the breakfast provided at The Epic Lookout Tower. The massive muffins were so good and hit the spot each morning. One evening, we grilled steak, sweet potatoes, and green beans on the gas grill. The cast iron griddle allowed these steaks to shine.

Our favorite was the Gozney pizza oven. We love pizza, but we are total novices when it comes to cooking in a pizza oven. So, our first pizzas were…well…almost inedible. We had to Youtube how to cook in a pizza oven, and I’m glad we did because we nailed it the second time. Being able to cook together was a great bonding experience because we generally do not get to spend time in the kitchen together. My wife is a great cook, and I am a beast at washing dishes and cleaning the kitchen…so we stay in our lanes at home.

Activities at the Epic Lookout Tower

gary and kasey on the putting green

We had so much fun putting on the golf green. I have spent much of my life on the golf course, and Kasey has not. Lol. So I had to give her a few pointers but not too many…I still like to win!!

gary and kasey holding throwing axes

The axe and javelin throwing area was a blast. While we were both much better at throwing the axes, the javelins gave us a good workout. Mostly from walking to get the spears that missed their intended target. It’s always fun to get some competitive juices flowing and laugh together.

a stick over a fire roasting a marshmallow

Roasting marshmallows and making smores are some of my favorite things to do. There is something about being around the campfire. It seems as if time slows down or even stops. We enjoyed the smores kits that were in our welcome gift. These weren’t the small snack-size candy bars either. Full size. Hershey’s and Reece’s Cups.

movie playing on the outdoor movie screen

Movie night. What more can I say? Yes, it was cold, but we were so comfy and cozy with the patio heater and the electric blankets on the swing bed. The Nebula projector gave an incredible picture and sound. We watched movies into the late hours of the night. The movie part was fine but snuggling on the swing bed under the blankets was the star of the evening.

picture of hot tub

Due to the temperature, we couldn’t get enough nerve to jump in the hot tub. Once in the hot tub, we would have been okay, but we just couldn’t; imagine getting out of the hot tub and dealing with the cold air as we walked up the steps to the tower’s top floor.gary kissing kasey on cheek with mountains in background

My favorite thing about our trip to The Epic Lookout Tower

My favorite part of our experience at Selah Ridge Treesort was our time together in an environment that gives the time and space to get a little distance from life’s difficulties and fully concentrate on each other. Focus on who we are, where we’ve been, and where we are going. This trip was so needed for us. We would have enjoyed our time together no matter where we went; however, The Epic Lookout Tower allowed us to give our full attention to each other. We have been in the midst of the hardest season of our life, so having the chance to laugh, talk, sit together in the quiet, and rest was fabulous and desperately needed for both of us. The tower was a place of deep connection for us because we chose to allow ourselves the time and space to be present with ourselves and each other.

So how do you truly adequately explain when you feel like you have touched a piece of Heaven? You tell someone to go and experience it for themselves.

kasey on bed swing

gary sleeping on bed swing

gary and kasey laying on bed swing together

cooked pizza by pizza oven

kasey sitting on rock looking at mountains

gary and kasey standing in front of greenhouse

gary and kasey sitting on bed swing

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