Aldi Coupons: 5 Ways to Save BIG at Aldi!



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If you’re a couponer, you probably have wondered about Aldi coupons and their acceptance policy. Well, the answer is…. NO. Aldi does NOT accept coupons. BUT – and this is a big BUT! – I think you should shop there anyway. (Even the most loyal couponers out there.)  Here are the Top 5 Ways to Save (without using coupons!) at Aldi.

Couponers love to shop Aldi because of the very low prices on certain items like produce, meat, and popular seasonal supplies. Coupons don’t often help out with those items. Combine these deals with Aldi’s quick checkout lines and double-guarantee – and it’s a great shopping experience for the frugal-minded!

5 Ways to Save (Without Coupons!) at Aldi


  1. Meat Special Buy: Each Wednesday, look for a new meat special buy item – these sell out quickly, so go on Wednesday if you hope to get in on them!
  2. Produce Picks of the Week:  Each week, Aldi offers a few produce items that are at truly great prices. For instance, this week bananas were $.33/lb, Mangoes $.69/lb and Strawberries were $.99/lb! Pineapples were $.99 each.  EACH – I tell you! Are you starting to understand the lure of Aldi, even for hard-core couponers??
  3. Switch & Save: Aldi store brands are very cheap – very similar to Walmart-brand prices but without the hassle of Wal-mart shopping.
  4. Double Guarantee: All Aldi store brand products are backed by a Double Guarantee. If you’re not 100% satisfied with any product, Aldi will replace the product and refund your money. You can’t beat that!
  5. Seasonal Savings Aisle: Each week, Aldi offers special savings on a small variety of seasonal items. For instance, in the Spring, you’ll find some great deals on grills, garden decor, and camping supplies. These are some of my favorite deals to get at Aldi!

I’m no longer in a season of life where consistent coupon shopping works for my family. In fact, when we started eating healthy three years ago, it brought most of my couponing for grocery items to a halt because there just aren’t coupons for the kinds of foods we eat. I have continued to save money on my grocery bill by shopping at ALDI and taking advantage of their everyday savings, especially on produce.


  1. I’ve tried their brand of pasta sauce, creamer, milk, sour cream, pasta, and various baking ingredients. I have yet to be disappointed! I just wish our Aldi carried more of their seasonal items or red hot items

    1. I’ve never been disappointed either. I love their quality and commitment to customer satisfaction.

  2. On one of my regular shopping trips to Aldi I happened to glance at the upc of the Aldi brand ketchup I was purchasing. To my surprise, just above the upc it said Red Gold. Do not be fooled by the Aldi branding, the quality is top notch and the savings is fantastic.

  3. I love Aldi! The first time I shopped there was in the UK. And I was quite surprised at the quality. I never thought to shop there while I lived in the States. Now that I am back in the US, I am now using Aldi more regularly and I can say without a moment’s hesitation that I will never go anywhere else. My last shop came up to $166.67 and that has lasted well over 3 weeks! And when you consider my twice weekly shop in a traditional grocery was almost $400, you can see why I’m sticking with Aldi. $166.67 vs. $400? A no brainer.

    1. Hey Ani, this is directly from Aldi’s website about their coupon policy:

      Q. Do you accept manufacturer’s coupons?
      A. No. ALDI-exclusive brands make up more than 90% of our product selection, and we guarantee the quality is as good as or better than name brands. However, we do carry some name-brand products. For these items, we always negotiate the best possible prices with our suppliers and because of this we are unable to accept manufacturer’s coupons.

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