The New My Coke Rewards | How Does it Work? Is It Worth It?

Were you part of the My Coke Rewards programs years ago and wonder what happened? Is there a new program in place? If so, what is it, and how does it work?
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I am sure you’ve heard of My Coke Rewards. If you haven’t been updated on the situation, it’s important to note that the whole program has been revamped. On June 30th, 2017, My Coke Rewards bid farewell, and Coke moved onto bigger and better things. Coke ended up donating all of the unused MyCokeRewards points to charity. I wanted to share what is happening now with the new program and how you can take advantage of what Coke offers now.

Does My Coke Rewards Still Exist?

The answer is no. My Coke Rewards does not still exist. It was phased out in 2017, and a new program was introduced in its place.

If you’re looking for to use My Coke Rewards, you won’t be able to because it’s been retired.

If you do a quick search, you will still be able to find out information about it, but the product codes no longer work, and Coca Cola brands have moved to a new program.

When Did My Coke Rewards Phase Out?

June 30th, 2017 was the last day in which Cola brands and partners had anything to do with My Coke Rewards. Any points that were left over were donated to charity. Your chances to win were decreased, and you could no longer enter codes. The Cokes Rewards Program was ready for something different, and that is just what they did!

Can I Still Enter my Codes?

There were two different sides with the former My Coke Rewards. There were codes and points. When My Coke Rewards phased out, so did all of your points.

However, you can still enter the product codes in the new program. The Coca Cola Company Account decided to donate the unused points to charity.

If I had points with My Coke Rewards Where Did They Go?

As mentioned before, the previous Coke Rewards App was retired, and if you had any points to use up and didn’t use them, they are gone.

Coke donated all unused points to Boys and Girls Clubs of America and Junior Achievement® for charity.

Do I Need to Create a New Account for the new Coke Rewards Online?

You have probably discovered that an existing account on no longer works since the website redirects you to to take advantage of the new program by Coca Cola. According to Coca Cola, your MCR username and password is valid on the new rewards program

As you buy new Coca Cola products, you’ll be able to scan your new codes and get new rewards and other fun stuff!

What program replaced My Coke Rewards?

You may be wondering what replaced My Coke Rewards and how the new program works. launched Sip & Scan as the replacement, which is very simple to utilize.

How Does the New My Coke Rewards Program Work?

Sip & Scan is very simple. You’re able to scan the Coca Cola products codes and the sip & scan icon at or their new sip & scan app. You scan with your phone and then you can get rewards, perks, and even get personalized experiences that are close to you.

What Do You Get With the New My Coke Rewards?

With the new Sip & Scan program, you can access a variety of experiences such as rewards, sweepstakes perks, and personalized experiences.

The website says that you can even donate to Coke Rewards for Schools and causes. If you have a school or cause close to your heart, then consider donating.

How Do I Scan the new Coke Rewards?

There are two ways you can scan with the new My Coke Rewards. First, it’s called Sip & Scan. You can download the new app, or you can head to to find out the details.

Once you open your browser, go to From there, you will hit “scan now.” Once you hit scan now, your camera will pop open, and you will scan the “sip & scan” icon on the Coke product you’re drinking or enter the product code.

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What is Sip & Scan? 

Simply put, Sip & Scan replaced My Coke Rewards. Downloading the Sip & Scan app and scanning the icon on Coke products or entering a product code will release a world of rewards for you or you can bypass the app and scan the “sip & scan” icon at Sip & Scan seems to have an exciting lineup of rewards and experiences.

How Do I Use Sip & Scan?

You can use Sip & Scan by downloading it on your phone or going to

Here is how Sip & Scan works:

  1. Go to
  2. Hit the “sip & “scan” button.
  3. Your camera will launch, simply scan the “sip & scan” icon on your Coke product and earn rewards.

What Kind of Rewards Can I Earn with Sip & Scan?

You can earn different kinds of rewards through Sip & Scan. You can earn rewards, experiences, and perks. You can even donate your rewards to charity.

Current Sip & Scan Rewards at the time of this posting:

  • Win one of 2,000 instant winners of an adult single-day pass to any Six Flags® Park in the country. (Ends 9/2/19)
  • Win one of 200 $100 Nike Gift Cards (ends 10/11/19)
  • Win one of 500 $25 Gift Cards to Outback Steakhouse (ends 9/30/19)
  • and more go to the Sip & Scan Rewards to see a current listing of rewards, egift cards, ticket vouchers, experiences, and perks

What is the Difference in scanning the “sip & scan” icon compared to a product code?

The sip & scan icons lead you to fun experiences while the product codes lead to rewards. Offers, perks, and rewards change often so you may want to scan frequently to take full advantage of the program.

Can I Donate to Schools and Causes with the New Program like MyCokeRewards?

According to the new website, you can donate your Sip & Scan rewards to charity to Coke Give. says you can donate to local schools and charities by enjoying their products.

You can even donate to their cause partners, which includes programs like the American Red Cross and the Special Olympics. You can view all this information here. Make sure you check out the Coke Rewards for School and the Coke Rewards for AMC. 

The cool thing about the new Coke Rewards App, Sip & Scan,  is that you have the option of donating your rewards to your school of choice. Any primary or secondary accredited public or private school in the U.S. is eligible to participate.

Do the new My Coke Rewards Expire?

As of now, there is no talk of Sip & Scan Rewards expiring. However, if there is anything I’ve learned is that most reward programs don’t last forever as they often change to stay relevant.

Is It Worth It?

That is really an individual question. Some may think it is worth the time and love the rewards or being able to contribute to their school, while others may feel it is tedious, and a waste of time. I say give it a try and you’ll figure out pretty quickly where you stand.

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  1. What is the new system? I have a pile of coke reward codes to enter but m now totally confused on what to do with them and whether or not they are of an benefit to me.

    1. This is all explained in the post. It is your decision whether the new rewards and incentives are a benefit to you.

  2. If I wanted to donate to charity, I will donate to charity. Give water to the poor. It’s a better karmic investment. This is now just a scam to get tax credits. Adios, coke.

  3. I loved the old Coke Rewards. This new program isn’t even worth the hassle. I like Dr. Pepper more anyway so now it’s easy to make the switch…

  4. Terrible! All these lids and no more reward points given to earn anything. And I mean EARN. Buying the Coke was an investment. I tended to gravitate buying more Coke products cuz of the incentive to earn a free Coke product here and there. If Coke is so motivated to donate to charity, why don’t they do it like other companies? For every x # of product purchased, they AUTOMATICALLY donate a percentage to charity. Tjis us actualky giving them an excuse NOT to donate.
    Time to investigate Pepsi and see if they will reward my giving them my business!!!!

    1. I couldn’t have said it any better! I have 2- One gallon bags FULL of coke & Sprite caps and I’m still not clear if we can use them or if I’m looking more like a hoarder of expired caps that I may hot glue together to make a garbage can!

  5. The user interface for the “new” rewards program is troubling. Have all these codes but can’t unable to find where (how)to enter the codes. Too much hassle and not worth the trouble. Given up on My Coke Rewards program. I’ll buy other beverage from now on just because of Coke’s scam.

    1. I can find in any statement in the original that state that the coke rewards will expire in the original claus contract wrote up! And how can you rely on digital electronics where any new new one could be placed same as lottery tickets and so forth so wonder how much it would cost them to take the information I have to court id say a hole hell of alot i c
      Got a coke rewards cap and one day it said I do. The. The next said this is no longer of valid use? So i say what would it cost to take that to court for the coke company brand and how is it slander when the company promised something… Cout ahead is what I say… Ty

  6. Then can someone PLEASE explain why there are still codes in caps and on flaps of 12 packs? This irks the hell out of me enough to revert back to the Pepsi side of the tracks.

  7. Donald,
    I seriously doubt we the not only consuming consumers of copious amounts of Coca-cola products would stand a chance in small claims court, even if Johnny Cochrane and his “DREAM TEAM” of attorneys could win a settlement for clients like us. It’s a nice thought though. I guess I’ll put those 2 big bags of Coke product caps and and the nearly 2″ thick stack of codes printed on the 12 packs and case cardstock packaging away just in case 🤞… stranger things have happened…👽

    Then can someone PLEASE explain why there are still codes in caps and on flaps of 12 packs? This irks the hell out of me enough to revert back to the Pepsi side of the tracks.

  8. What a complete waste of time of cutting out and saving codes for years then to find out they are worthless now!!!

    1. If you read the post it specifically says the two charities. “Coke donated all unused points to Boys and Girls Clubs of America and Junior Achievement® for charity.”

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