Cheat Day on Keto: How to Get Back on Track

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However, Many ask if it is possible to have a cheat day on keto. The short answer is that it is entirely up to each individual. However, if you choose a cheat day, here is what to expect and how to get back on track.

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Cheat Day on Keto

After following a keto lifestyle for almost two years, my mindset regarding a cheat day on keto has changed. In the beginning, I went 100 days of eating keto without cheating. I knew my body needed that time to detox since I was addicted to carbs, and I didn’t trust myself to cheat. I was also very results-focused and wasn’t interested in doing anything that might slow down that process. Proving that I was stronger than carbs by staying on track over weekend getaways and vacations was incredibly liberating. 

Mindset Shift From Cheat Days on Keto to Off Plan

After some time, I did choose to enjoy a day off plan and survived. This caused a mindset shift from focusing on a temporary ketogenic diet to a lifestyle change. Now, I don’t call them cheat meals. Instead, I refer to them as an off-plan day(s) as “cheat” sounds negative. A negative mindset can sabotage a lifestyle change almost faster than food choices. Choosing to be intentional in my thinking has been essential to my weight loss success.

A part of changing from a cheat day mentality to an “off-plan day” was thinking about how my kids perceived my food choices. I didn’t want them to look back over their life and remember that their mom never ate their birthday cake or that I quit making traditional holiday meals with recipes that had been handed down through generations because of keto. I’d rather my kids know that I generally eat very healthy and choose low carb foods but that a day off plan here and there isn’t the end of the world. I want them to see a strong, healthy, and disciplined mom who isn’t controlled by her “diet” or lifestyle. I can enjoy a day or days off plan for birthdays, holidays, or a vacation in moderation without it derailing my progress. 

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Choosing Food Freedom & a Healthy Lifestyle Mindset

My ultimate goal of eating keto was food freedom. However, I did lose weight since I had weight gain from my last two pregnancies that were back to back in my forties. I don’t want to be controlled by foods or even the fear of a “cheat day.” I don’t want my kids to see me consumed with my keto lifestyle or what foods I can or cannot eat, which is also one of the main reasons why I don’t track keto macros with an app. I’ve been many sizes over the years and have had unhealthy relationships with food and my body image. Therefore, choosing food freedom and a healthy lifestyle mindset over a diet and an all-or-nothing mentality is crucial. 

It’s Your Journey

I am not one to make a blanket statement about the ketogenic diet that is true for everyone. Following a keto diet is based on a strict regime to stay in ketosis for the ultimate fat-burning state and weight loss. In full disclosure, choosing a day off plan can cause side effects such as a stall or delay being fat adapted. I understand that some people eat a strict keto diet for medical purposes, and going off plan isn’t an option due to their health. At the same time, food addictions are real, and for some people, a cheat day may cause a downward spiral.

I am in no way encouraging a cheat day on keto in either of these cases. For all of these reasons, I consider cheating or not cheating on keto an individual choice that each should thoughtfully consider.

What about you? Can you have a cheat day on Keto? Will going off-plan cause you to quit or spiral downward? How quickly can you get back into ketosis? What are the benefits of a cheat day on keto? You’ll find the answer to these questions below and what to expect if you choose a day off plan and how to get back into ketosis.

Can you have a cheat day on keto?

It’s up to you. Some say no way. Never! I choose a different approach. If you can handle it and it won’t cause you to quit, then it’s up to you. I do choose days off plans here and there. In the beginning, I knew I couldn’t because it would be too tempting, but now I can choose a day or even a week off plan and go right back to eating keto without blinking an eye. I am at my goal weight and have maintained it for some time. I would suggest keeping in mind how long you’ve been eating keto and how much weight you need to lose ultimately. Keep in mind eating high-carb food will generally kick you out of ketosis. 

How do I quickly get back into ketosis?

Mainly do what you did initially, but I’ve also included several tips further in the post for getting into ketosis a little quicker.

How long does it take to get back in keto?

Typically, it takes 24 hours to a week or even longer, depending on how long you binged on carbs and how much you ate. How long you’ve been in ketosis before cheating and if your body is fat adapted are also contributing factors. In short, there is no exact answer, but sticking to keto-friendly foods is a must. 

Will Cheating on Keto Cause Me to Quit?

Sincerely, this question can only be answered by you. If you are determined enough, even a temporary setback won’t impact your success in the long run. Keep your health goals at the forefront of your mind, and don’t allow a keto cheat day or a day off plan to stop you from achieving what you ultimately desire. So much of the battle in weight loss or a healthy lifestyle change is in the mind. Also, be kind to yourself as positive self-talk can make a significant impact on long-term success.

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What Happens When You Cheat on Keto

  1. Disappointment & Feelings of Failure – It’s a new day, and mindset is everything. Beating yourself up can sabotage your long-term success. Realize upfront that if this is a lifestyle, you may need to make room for off-plan days now and then.
  2. How Do I Get Back on Track? – After almost two years of following a keto lifestyle and being a part of many keto Facebook groups, I often see the following, “Help! I cheated and ate a gazillion carbs. What do I do now to get back on track?” The short answer is that you do what you did in the beginning. It’s as simple as eating foods that contain very low grams of carbs. 
  3. Expect Cravings & Increased Hunger – You’ll likely start cravings carbs again for a few days and experience increased feelings of hunger. You’ve beat them before, and you’ll overcome them still. Stay focused and realize you are stronger than you think. 
  4. You’ll Be Shocked When You Weigh – Don’t be surprised if the scale is up 6 lbs (or more) after a weekend of carb binging. It is highly unlikely that you gained 6 pounds of actual fat. Instead, you are dealing with water weight. Get back to eating keto again and stay off the scale for a week or so. Those extra pounds will fall off.
  5. Bloating for Days – Your belly will feel bloated, and you may experience tummy troubles. Some even say they feel yucky overall and have brain fog. Your body can’t use all the glucose from the carbs, so glycogen gets stored again, which causes your body to store water. It’s a double whammy.
  6. The Keto Flu Strikes AgainThe good news is that the Keto-Flu is typically short-lived. The duration and intensity can often be minimized by proper supplementation through balancing electrolytes
  7. Slow Down Weight Loss Progress or Stall Being Fat Adapted – The next couple of days after a cheat day(s) on keto, you’ll spend getting your body adjusted to eating low carb and expelling water weight. You’ll most likely lose a week of potential progress and could stall being fat adapted. 

The Benefits of a Cheat Day on Keto

  1. Some people have broken a stall with a cheat meal.
  2. You might realize the food(s) you’ve been craving nonstop aren’t as good as you remember.
  3. A small amount of your preferred cheat food might leave you satisfied. For me, when it has been weeks or months between off-plan days, I might only be able to take a bite or two of a non-keto dessert as my tastebuds are very sensitive to sugar. Everything tastes way too sweet and rich.
  4. What you thought you had no control over isn’t as powerful as you once thought.

The Downside of a Cheat Day on a Keto Diet

  1. The scale could show a pretty significant increase causing great discouragement.
  2. You may find yourself in a downward spiral of carb cravings and struggle to get back to eating keto.
  3. You may deal with negative self-talk for a cheat day that might be hard to overcome.
  4. Your body may struggle to process the carbs causing significant tummy troubles.
  5. You may find yourself in an unproductive cycle of frequent cheat days where you don’t have any real weight loss progress.

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5 Tips for Getting Back on Track after a Cheat Day on Keto (or longer)

Never fear! Tomorrow is a new day, and all is not lost if you do choose a cheat day. Here are a couple of tips that might make your transition back to low-carb eating more successful.

  1. Intermittent Fasting – If you are fat-adapted, start by Intermittent Fasting to help deplete your glycogen stores and starve those carb cravings. If you haven’t been eating keto for very long, Intermittent Fasting might be tricky as intense hunger could lead to binging. 
  2. Avoid Dehydration & Balance Electrolytes – Drink lots of water and be mindful of electrolytes to help you feel the best that you can. 
  3. Get Your Body Moving– Exercise can help your body deplete glycogen stores. Ramp it up even more by exercising in a fasted state. 
  4. Prepare yourself – Make a meal plan, grocery shop, and plan for situations that might challenge you in your efforts to get back on track. These simple free keto meal plans may be helpful for inspiration to get back on the keto wagon. 
  5. Don’t Be Afraid of Fat – You may need to up your fat for a few days to stay satiated. Fat keeps you full on a keto diet, which in turn can help fight through cravings. 
  6. Start back with a low-carb diet and work your way back to keto.

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  1. Kasey Trenum you are such an inspiration to me. Your knowledge on ketosis and your delicious recipes have been a life line for me. Thanks for all you do!

    1. You are so very welcome. Thank you so very much for your kind words of support and encouragement.

  2. Sugar cheer day is what happened to me so how do I get out that rut. I did t gain any weight. But I did notice my stomach was bloated
    Any suggestions.

    1. You just have to make a choice and be disciplined to go right back to eating keto. The stomach bloat is normal.

  3. The wonderful recipes you provide cause me to not be tempted to binge on carbs….however, last night we ate a salad/pizza/pasta buffet….we eat the tops off the pizza, don’t eat the pasta, and pick items on the salad bar which are KETO friendly. It seems easy to work around correct eating, so we just don’t plan to cheat, but after 14 months of KETO we are still happy with the way of eating & happy with our body images.

  4. Love your perspective and your honest approach to this topic! My struggle is now being pregnant and trying to figure out keto vs LC vs all the pregnancy feelings & knowing some weight gain is to be expected (but hard to see), but being healthy is most important. Any advice or info on keto & pregnancy or take on how you’d handle it if you had been keto when having kids?

    1. I didn’t start keto until after my last baby was born. Personally, I would do the best I could but would not be strict while I was pregnant. I was always so sick the only foods I could eat were carb heavy foods like bread or mashed potatoes. I just had to do the best I could during my pregnancies with sickness.

  5. We went on a cruise in early March. I basically tried to stay on the diet, but I allowed myself to eat one roll with dinner, and I occasionally had dessert. Happy to report I actually lost weight while we were gone for 9 days. Keto works for us! And Kasey, I have a whole binder with your recipes which I just love!

  6. This has been such a helpful article to read! I am struggling with listening to the negative, even though my clothes are showing me the positive. The off plan term vs. cheat is exactly what I need to re label.

  7. Thank you for this article. I like off plan better than saying cheat day.
    This came just at a right time for me.
    Thank you for your wisdom.

  8. Thank you so much. Your thoughts on making this part of your life without having to make it an obsession spoke to me. I also don’t calculate everything I eat. I keep track of the carbs as I go along, and find that I actually eat so much less now,that it’s seldom a problem. This article came up on my feed today, and it is most appropriate. We’re getting together with our famliy for our traditional Thanksgiving gathering-on the Saturday after the holiday to take the rush away. I don’t want to make a big deal out of my diet so I’ve already decided to pick the best things and not feel guilty about the rest. But it felt so good to see your take and keep it positive so I don’t feel like a failure if I enjoy a few things that bring my carb count higher. This is my journey, not theirs, and everyone has to come to their point of decision. For me, a low carb, Keto style diet addressed my addictions, and it is making a difference all around. I’d rather my kids see me making good food choices that having me tout a “diet” plan. Your thoughts were a true blessing as I face my first gathering.

    1. You’re welcome, Judy. You are so right…this is your journey. You are doing so great! Keep up the good work.

  9. I have been really lazy about my low carb eating for about a week. I got on the scale and feel really discouraged now. It isn’t worth it I have decided to deviate….so I am currently fasting and getting back into it. I think I will stay off the scale for a week at least,

    1. You can do it! It is always smart to stay off the scale for sure that first week as your body adjusts.

  10. Love your site – but can you *please* move the Pinterest, Facbook, Linked in links on the left. Makes it impossible to read your site.

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