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Disclosure: This post is underwritten by Dollywood. All text and opinions are my own.
dollywood hacks

Several years ago, we quit throwing birthday parties for our kids. Instead, we go away on a family trip and make memories that will last a lifetime. We recently made a trip to Pigeon Forge for a fun family getaway for my son’s 11th birthday. As a family, we enjoy Dollywood, and my kids get Dollywood season tickets each year from their grandparents for Christmas. The day that we visited Dollywood, it wasn’t very crowded. As a result, we had the opportunity to spend time chatting with several of the Dollywood employees, who were very helpful. Each provided us with inside information we hadn’t heard on our previous trips. Since we didn’t know, I thought I’d share our top Dollywood Hacks that we learned.

  • Visit after 3 pm and the next day is free – We found out that the actual cutoff time is a little earlier. If you come through the gates after 2:35 pm, then the next day, you can visit for free.

ice water

  • Ice Water – All food vendors will provide ice water at no charge if you don’t want to purchase water bottles. This was a huge money saver for our family of 6!

ride accessibility center

  • Special Ride Accessibility Tickets – My oldest daughter and hubby are type I Diabetic. If you have any condition that might be compromised by standing in line, go to the Ride Accessibility Center, which will issue a special pass that allows you to get on rides without standing in long queues. This wasn’t new info for us, but we wanted to pass it along to anyone who might need a special ride pass which isn’t aware.

Screen Shot 2017-09-05 at 3.57.58 PM

  • Special Online Offers – Check for special online-only admission offers. These are typically much cheaper than any other offers.
  • Season Tickets Timing – If you are going to make more than one trip a year to Dollywood, then season tickets are the way to go. Season tickets go on sale each year in November. If you purchase in November, you’ll be able to use your season tickets for the rest of the current season and next year, thus getting the best bang for your buck. Also, kids 3 and under get in free. If parents purchase their season tickets while their child is still 3, the child will be grandfathered in with free admission for the entire season even if they turn 4.
  • THE BEST FRIED CHICKEN SANDWICH IN THE WORLD – I know this sounds a little crazy, but there is a new food truck, Frannie’s Famous Fried Chicken Sandwich, in the Jukebox Junction. This is no exaggeration. It serves the absolute most delicious, perfectly crunchy chicken sandwich ever. You will thank me for this tip.
  • Low Carb Foods at Dollywood – If you are following a low-carb diet, there are many different low-carb options at Dollywood that are delicious.

trenums in front of Dollywood entrance

It was a little too bright for our two-year-old. We love getting a family picture in front of the Dollywood sign at the front gate on each visit so we can see how much our kids have grown from year to year.

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  1. My husband and mother are both diabetics. Is someone from your group allowed to ride with the pass holder? How do you all get to ride and stay together if not?

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