The VERY BEST Surprise!



Yesterday, I told you about how my season had changed and upcoming changes on the blog. A week after I made that gut- wrenching scary decision, we got an enormous surprise! We found out we were expecting our 4th child in December.

Nineteen months ago we had our 3rd baby, Jordan Hope. Before I got pregnant with Jordan, we were in such a sweet spot with our big kids. They could dress, feed themselves, take showers by themselves, and even contribute to household chores without help from us. When the baby was born my daughter was 12 and my son was 8, so we completely started over. We aren’t “young” parents either. When Jordan was born, I had just turned 40, and my hubby was 39.

Since then our family has settled into life with a baby again with ease. She has been the most wonderful addition, and we all adore her. So much so that our big kids have begged for more babies. I never felt that we were finished, but the past couple of months my husband felt strongly that we were done because of our age. However, God made the final decision for our family, and I am so excited! We are both shocked and surprised. In fact, at least daily I look at my husband and say, “Oh my goodness, can you believe I’m pregnant?”


Since it’s my last pregnancy, I’m documenting milestones. Although I feel like I’ve been showing since the pregnancy test showed positive, earlier this week I hit 12 weeks, and we are celebrating the miracle of this precious life. I’ve got crazy blood clotting issues that could be very problematic when I’m pregnant, but I’ve got an awesome Dr and a big big God, who still works miracles!

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