Keto Results After 100 Days of Eating Keto

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So many have asked, so I wanted to share with you my Keto Results After 100 Days of Eating Keto.  While these results don’t happen to everyone, they will for many. As you may already know, I am a huge fan of the keto lifestyle and these are some of the reasons why!

Check out my Keto Results After 100 Days of Eating Keto and find out why this is the best plan and food lifestyle for myself and my family!

Keto Results After 100 Days of Eating Keto

I started following at Ketogenic lifestyle May 1st of last year after seeing a before and after picture of a friend on Facebook. She literally looked like her body had melted between the two pics, and I’ve continued to see her shrink since. At the time, I was five months postpartum with my fourth child at the age of 42. Although I had lost a good bit of my baby weight already, I was always hungry, and my weight loss had stalled. Since I had nothing to lose but weight, I jumped in to see what this Keto lifestyle I had heard so much about had to offer. Now, it’s been eleven months since we started, but those first 100 days were significant to me because I learned why this lifestyle works for me. I thought I’d share what I learned in hopes that my journey might be an encouragement to someone struggling.

How I began my Keto Journey

I honestly didn’t know what I was doing the first week. I searched Pinterest and found a couple of Keto recipes that looked yummy to prepare. It all seemed so foreign to me since I had spent the last 20 years of my life avoiding fat. I thought for sure I would jump on the scale that first week and see that I had gained 10lbs. Each morning as I added heavy whipping cream (something I had never previously bought) and butter to my eggs I would cringe because I didn’t want to gain weight. It went against everything I had believed for so long. Instead of avoiding cheese, cream cheese, and such I began loading my foods up with fats, and it didn’t take long before I started enjoying the foods I was eating. Fueling my body with fatwas such a stark contrast compared to the plain grilled chicken, salads, and broccoli I had been eating for years.

Coping with the Keto Flu

As the week went on, I got hit with the dreaded Keto flu and felt terrible. I wondered then if this was going to be worth it. I felt dizzy, nauseous, and was always tired. My hubby was working long days that week out of town and juggling all four kids alone while feeling yucky was a challenge. At that point, I knew I had to do more research. I needed to be informed of what was happening inside my body, research all available solutions and the science behind why Keto works. I began to listen to podcasts and YouTube videos by Butter Bob, Dr. Eric Berg, and Healthful Pursuit. The more I researched, the more I understood what I was doing, and it all began to make sense. I recognized eating habits, like eating every two and a half hours to keep my metabolism burning, that wasn’t necessarily true according to the Keto way of eating. At the end of the week, I was shocked to see that I had lost 6lbs while I was eating butter, full-fat cheese, cream cheese, heavy whipping cream, coconut oil, bacon, steak, fat bombs, and such.

The first keto results motivated me

That was motivation enough for me to continue. My hubby saw my results and jumped on board. I literally felt like the fat on my body was melting as the days turned into weeks. It took approx six weeks to two months before the huge energy surge that I had read so much about finally hit and I was fat adapted. At that point, although my weight loss had slowed down, I felt terrific, was enjoying Keto foods, losing inches, and rarely thought about food. It was very freeing not to think about eating every 2 1/2 hours or to feel like I needed to spend hours in the kitchen with meal prep. This way of eating began to feel easy, especially with our busy lifestyle and four kids.

Fighting the temptations

When tempted with bread, sweets, or other carby foods I once enjoyed, I found Keto alternatives. In all honesty, I wasn’t tempted to “cheat” (although I don’t like to call it that) because I felt so good and I was losing weight even though it felt slow compared to many others. In all fairness, I didn’t have much to lose, so that is probably why my weight loss has been more gradual. I would drop 2 lbs then my body would sit at that weight for weeks almost like it was settling in before I would lose again. I compare it much like stair steps with a drop then a leveling off before a drop again. There were a couple of months where I only lost one pound that month, but it felt like more as I could see my body composition changing. Also, I wasn’t gaining weight, and I was eating incredibly delicious rich foods, so it was worth it.

Making mistakes on my keto journey

After 100 days of following a ketogenic diet without going off plan, we went away for my son’s eleventh birthday. Feeling pretty confident that carbs were dead to me, I decided to sensibly go off Keto to enjoy some of our favorite restaurants and vacation treats while we were out of town. Also, I didn’t want my kids’ memories of their birthday to be that mom would never eat cake.

I did fantastic for our first meal. As our weekend trip continued, it didn’t take long for me to settle back into my old ways of eating but worse. Since I knew I was no longer in Ketosis, and I would be going back to eating Keto when we returned home, I took great advantage of carby foods and sweets. After a meal, my hubby and I would look at each other and talk about how terrible we felt, but it didn’t deter us at the next meal. And, even though we were stuffed after we ate, quickly after that we were starving again, which meant more carbs, sweets, etc. He noticed that his body was hurting again and he had no energy. I felt constantly bloated and worn down. Even so, they tasted so good we enjoyed all the carbs until our vacation was over.

The Top 8 Keto Results I Learned on my Journey

Afterward, I jumped back on track because I was so disappointed to see a 6lb weight gain that week. Both my hubby and I were ready to get back to Keto, but all the cravings we experienced that first couple of weeks were nipping at our heels again. They weren’t intolerable, but it was disappointing to have to fight them again after being free for so long. I did get those 6lbs off, and since then I’ve learned more about how my body responds to a day off plan and how to better plan for birthdays, holidays and vacations if I decide to allow for more carbs. Here is what I learned after eating Keto for 100 days straight without going off plan:

  • I love how I feel when I am following a Ketogenic diet. I don’t feel bloated at all, I stay full, and the food isn’t on my mind nearly as often. It is very freeing not to feel like I always have to eat. I love going hours without food crossing my mind.
  • So many eating habits I dealt with were just that….habits. I had to relearn new patterns, which meant I didn’t have to eat burgers with a bun and french fries or chicken fajitas with a tortilla, for example. Just because I had always eaten foods a certain way didn’t mean I couldn’t retrain my brain to eat them differently. It’s been almost a year now since I ate a hamburger with a bun or chicken fajitas with a tortilla and I can honestly say I don’t even think about it anymore.
  • Since I became fat adapted I sleep amazingly well. I love the energy I have during the day, but every single ounce of it leaves my body at bedtime. Sleep had always been somewhat of a struggle to me, but now I fall asleep quickly and sleep deep.
  • Sugar and heavy carb-laden foods are a slippery slope for me.
  • Now and then taking a day off is a healthy break for me, and it allows me to jump right back on track without feeling like I’ve gone backward. That being said, I limit my one day to once a month. There is nothing wrong with not taking a break I just found out what works for me.
  • Keto isn’t a short-term diet to us. We enjoy the benefits so much that we have made it a lifestyle, which creates an entirely different mindset.
  • Weighing every day is a mind game. Weight fluctuates no matter how “good” you are eating. Also, the scale is not the only indicator of success. Weighing once or twice a week is much better for me (although this was a struggle to adjust).
  • One size does not fit all. If I have learned anything over the past 11 months is that each person is different. We all have our struggles and fight for our victories. It is important not to compare our bodies to others as each person loses at their own pace or to compare our journey with anyone else.

No turning back from the Keto Results in this journey

Now that we are 11 months into this Ketogenic lifestyle we are not turning back. Although we take a rather lazy approach without counting macros (we count net carbs in our head) we know that there are all kinds of different approaches to following a Ketogenic lifestyle. Some are super strict while others are not. One isn’t right and the other wrong. The right lifestyle change is one that you can stick with long term.


More Keto Lifestyle Tips

If you are looking for keto results of your own, the following are some of our best helps. You can access all of my Keto/Low Carb Recipes in my Keto/Low Carb Recipe Index or follow me on Pinterest for fabulous Keto/Low Carb Recipe Ideas. If you are just getting started following a keto diet and would like more information, there are tons of fantastic resources. Amazon has several great books you may want to check out here.


  1. Hi Kasey,

    I’ve been following you for a while. My husband and I had started Keto right after Christmas and were doing great, but then his family became really concerned for his cholesterol and plaque buildup and he went off then I did to. Have you guys had that checked since you started? I’ve read different stuff regarding that but not sure what to believe. I know I need to go off carbs and sugars because I feel awful all the time and struggle with skin issues. Anyway, just curious if you knew anything about that, the potential for elevated LDL and plaque buildup and what y’all thought of that.

    1. We have both had bloodwork done and ours was good. However, I do understand your concern. I think I would spend some time researching so you could make the best possible choice for your body.


    2. In Jan 13, 2018 I stared Zingular with the Keto diet. My colestrol has always been out of control and on meds for years. In Jan it was 253 and on April 26th it had gone down to 198. Dr was amazed. also cut meds to every other day and in 3 months still under 200 will be able to get off meds.
      dont give up tried all kinds of diets this is good

    3. Mine went up as well. i have adjusted to lower fat milk and less of it as well as less cheese. Trying to find a balance that works. Need to go back and re-test to see if that helped.

    4. Did you try removing glutens? I noticed once I removed all glutens, my went down.

    5. That’s mostly true. If you’re trying to avoid glutens you have to read ALL labels. I’ve found wheat flour added to things I wouldn’t normally consider like powdered or granulated spices & seasonings, sauces, etc.

    6. Read Jimmy Moore’s Cholesterol Clarity. You can also listen to his podcasts. Cholesterol may highten initially on keto but will eventually level out. This diet is actually the best way to lower cholesterol & raise good hdl. The “low cholesterol” diets prescribed by doctors are the worst possible thing for you.

    7. I’m off several meds now from keto, a statin, cholesterol med and a water pill…elevated results isn’t a death sentence nor plaque building, it will all reverse itself as your body adapts! The culprit IS sugar grains processed foods, light cheeses are full of fillers, and margarine and canola oils, the not good fats will build plaque, butter and good oils like coconut, olive, avocado oils will NOT!

    8. I have been Keto for 12 weeks. My cholesterol was at 205 and triglycerides at 88 last November. Then I had my entire lipid panel done on my 10 week keto anniversary which dropped by 45 points and my triglycerides by 20 points!!!! Stay on keto to improve your cholesterol. It’s the carbs that are turned to fat that clog our arteries. Read “Grain Brain” to educate yourself and family.

    9. I highly recommend you read the book Keto Clarity by Jimmy Moore. It covers a ton of health concerns and talks a lot about different kinds of cholesterol. Has lots of quotes from Doctors and nutritionists.

    10. why do you listen to your family are they Doctors Have your numbers checked by a professional and don’t listen to peoples opinions its the facts that count I was on Lipitor for 20 years and 2 inhalers everyday after 8 months on keto no more lipitor my numbers are great and the inhalers are in the closet I don’t need them anymore

    1. I don’t track macros I only count net carbs in my head and make sure to add healthy fats to my foods.

    1. Nope. Animal fat is awesome for your health. It actually helped me get more functional after several years’ worth of anxiety/depression cycling.

  2. Amazing story. Thanks for sharing. I’m in my 8th week of keto. My first 11 days I had the worst pounding headache ever. They would last anywhere from 30min to 3 hours in the beginning. I had days I cried it hurt so bad. People couldn’t believe I stuck with it. But after losing 6lbs the first week I decided to give it another week to see if the headache went away. Which thankfully it did. The headache was from sugar withdrawals. Last I checked my weight I was down 17lbs in 7 weeks. I weigh again Sunday morning.
    I began this journey thinking when I get to my desired weight I’ll go back to eating like before. But since week 7 I don’t want to go back to it. I don’t crave the bread, cheese it’s, pizza, potatoes, fries, candy etc anymore. I do occasionally have a “cheat” snack. Or at least I did a few weeks ago. Now I seem okay not having it. But even if I do have it I know I’ll be okay.
    I’m excited to be back in my size 10 jeans. Where before I was pushing a stretchy pants size 14. So I was probably a 16 or 18. Life is great. It’s so good to be eating my way healthy, not taking pills, exercising when I want, and not shelling out tons of money to someone or something to do it. It’s just me and food! And I love it!

    1. Wow!I’m so glad you stuck it out. It sounds like it was so very worth it. You results are awesome! Good for you.

  3. Hi, my husband and I have been doing the keto for about 5 months now. We have been doing some research on different supplements we should incorporate into the diet as with the keto diet we feel research has shown that you’re losing out on some key vitamins and minerals to stay healthy. Any recommendations or lists of what you are incorporating? Thanks

  4. My husband was doing keto when we first started dating and had great success. I had been dieting and doing working on portion control, and joined into a lazy version of keto. But in new relationship bliss we lost our motivation.
    Now four years later, married with a toddler, we are getting back into keto. As our little one is under 2 it is pretty normal for him to eat some of our food and other stuff good for toddlers. E.g. Same main meat, but he gets peas and fishy crackers, while we eat zucchini.
    We want keto to be a long-term lifestyle. How do you and your husband eat keto with kids? What part of keto do your kids eat and what else do you give them? Two different meals every time doesn’t seem sustainable long-term.

    1. My kids are 14,11,3, and 1. I do keep snacks at home that aren’t keto for my kids, but they pretty much cook what I eat. They eat a wider variety of fruits and veggies, but otherwise, I just don’t make a big deal out of it. If they don’t like something I cook, they can always eat a bowl of cereal or oatmeal.

  5. Thank you for this honest post about what it takes to be on the Keto diet. I have Crohn’s disease and in trying to reduce the inflammation in my body, have tried Keto. I feel so much better when I’m in Ketosis but have had a hard time sticking to the diet for longer periods. I appreciate your points and tips! -Colleen

    1. I’m so glad it has been helpful to you and that you feel better when you are in ketosis. You are very welcome.

  6. Hi Kasey,
    I just read your article and I was inspired by it. I am currently battling cancer and my Dr’s have given me the go ahead to do the Keto. However, with all I have going on, I’m looking for some place I can just get a meal plan. Would you have any recommendations? I’d like to start with the lazy version.

    1. Hi Jeannie, I’m so very sorry that you are battling cancer. If you google “Kasey Trenum Keto Meal Plan” you will find several different meal plans that I have posted that are very easy. I am pretty lazy keto myself. Blessings and prayers!

    1. I need to write a new post now that I’m past the 1 year mark now. Keep your eyes peeled for an update.

  7. Hi Kasey,
    Thanks for sharing! I’ve found the same things in my Keto lifestyle. Question: when you have a “cheat” day once a month, do you notice that it kicks you out of that amazing fat-adapted energy boost? If so, how long does it take for you to get back in? I’ve been casual Keto for 9 months and lost the weight I wanted gone, but the energy boost has been hit or miss for me and I’d like to maintain consistency and stay high energy.

    1. I doesn’t kick me out of having energy, although I usually feel pretty yucky that day if I eat too many carbs. It usually takes me a couple of days to get back into ketosis.

  8. I have a question…… starting my husband on Keto and I would like to know if when counting fat, protein and carb….. do I have to count the percentage of fat grams in the meat as part of my fat grams portion? Or the protein in cheese as part of my protein ratio! Or are they each separate in themselves…… I can’t find the answer

    1. I don’t count macros personally only net carbs in my head so I can’t help on this one.

  9. I love your blog! I just started keto a month ago. I have put on 70 pounds during college and always swore to myself I would drop it.. Two years has gone by since college and I have tried low-fat diets unsuccessfully- simply so bored of the food choices. Grilled chicken and veggies does not do anything for me. I had to retrain my mind as well and I now LOVE keto! You can eat so many delicious meals and learn how to substitute things for carb. treats and it works! I’m amazed! I haven’t tried the scale, I never did really care about the pounds, but I can tell the inches are starting to decrease! Thanks for your input on your one year journey. I am very interested in others’ experiences and how to make it long term.

    1. Thank you! I’m so glad you love Keto. It is truly a life-changing way of eating.

  10. I want to start this life style but just am overwhelmed with all the diff options… it’s like where do you start? Did you cleanse your home of all things bad and then shop? I have heard that sticking to the same foods in the beginning is the best way to start? Would love advice on just getting started.

    1. The first week I started, I found a couple of recipes that looked good on Pinterest and made those. I didn’t clean out my pantry because I have 5 other people who live here who weren’t following the keto diet at the time. I watched BUtter Bob on YouTube, found out what I could eat, and just started.

  11. The Taco Bell advertisments on your page are KILLING ME. Thanks for all the info! Trying my best to get this Keto life down!

    1. Lol! I don’t get to choose the ads. They are customized to the reader through google. I’m glad my site has been helpful. You can totally do this!

  12. I have read and read everything I can on Keto. I have started today and I will make this work. Your story was inspiring. I have 7 stents in my heart and had a stress test this past week. I spoke to my doctor afterwards and he said everything was fine and he would go along with the Keto diet for me short time. He has done the Keto himself. So here I go!!!!

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