ButcherBox FREE Ground Beef for Life

Free Ground Beef for life from ButcherBox Free Ground Beef for Life promo is back, and it is one of the best deals offered.

ButchrBox free ground beef for life

ButcherBox FREE Ground Beef for life promo! (New Members)

Bonus: New members receive 2 lbs FREE ground beef in every box for the lifetime of their subscription in every box.

They sent me a box to try a few weeks ago, and here are my thoughts:

** I generally grocery shop by a meal plan each week and don’t stock up on a lot of other meats. I’m frugal and get sticker shock at the grocery store when I have considered stocking up on grass-fed and organic meats on top of our regular groceries. As a result, I rarely ever buy anything organic or plant-based.

With a renewed decision to feed my family better quality foods when I can, I have found that ButcherBox makes it easier to stock my freezer with high-quality meats I wouldn’t usually buy at the grocery store. Something about the price of the subscription being separate from my regular grocery trip makes it feel more manageable. That might sound crazy to some, but it’s how my brain works.

** I also noticed that when I didn’t have extra meat in the freezer (I try to keep browned ground beef in the freezer), I made special trips to the grocery store if our week changed, and I needed to cook more than I had initially planned. With four kids, it isn’t convenient to run to the grocery store in the middle of the day, and I generally ended up going in for one or two items and left with a buggy full.

**  I was concerned that the grass-fed beef would taste weird, and I wouldn’t like it, but it doesn’t. I am super picky, much like a toddler.

** I appreciate the fact that I can curate my box based on the exact cuts of meat my family enjoys and personalize my subscription. Many subscriptions send you a box full of stuff without giving the customer an option to choose exactly what they want.

** It comes in the mail. I don’t have to think about it or remember to make a separate trip to a local butcher. I’m a mom of four, so this is a huge positive for me. I also don’t currently have the freezer space to buy 1/4 of a cow, so the amount in the box is manageable, and it is delivered to my front porch.

What is ButcherBox: ButcherBox is a meat subscription company that distributes high-quality meat you can trust; 100% grass-fed and pasture-raised beef, free-range organic chicken, heritage breed pork, and wild-caught Alaskan salmon directly to your door. ButcherBox believes in better. Their mission is to create a world where everyone wins with meat that is better for you, your family, the animals, the farmers, the business, and our planet. Their products are humanely raised and never given antibiotics or added hormones ever.

  • Bacon: Uncured, applewood-smoked ButcherBox Bacon is free of added sugar and nitrates.
  • Beef: ButcherBox Beef is 100% grass-fed, grass-finished, and raised free from antibiotics and added hormones. It is also humanely raised and pasture-raised.
  • Chicken: ButcherBox chicken is USDA certified organic and free-range. It is never given antibiotics or added hormones ever (*Federal regulations prohibit the use of hormones or steroids in poultry). ButcherBox chicken meets GAP 3 claims. They have outdoor access and certified organic feed.
  • Pork: Heritage Breed Pork
  • Salmon: Wild Caught Alaskan Salmon

How Much Does ButcherBox cost?

The cost of ButcherBox will depend on the curated box that you choose. There are many different options to fit your budget and needs. Right now as a new customer you’ll get 2lbs of FREE ground beef in every ButcherBox for the lifetime of your subscription.

Here is how it works:

  1. Go here
  2. You’ll then put in your email address and then choose either custom box, mixed box, beef & chicken, beef & pork, or all-beef
  3. Choose your subscription plan, either the classic box or big box
  4. You get to choose the cuts of meat you prefer!

Bonus: New members receive 2 lbs FREE ground beef in every ButcherBox for the lifetime of their subscription.

Keto Ground Beef Recipes for ButcherBox FREE Ground Beef for Life promo:

ground beef picture of frozen ground beef



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