Top Low Carb Foods at Dollywood

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Disclosure: This post was underwritten by Dollywood. All opinions and text are my own.

Following a low-carb or keto diet doesn’t have to be challenging, even at theme parks. Knowing what foods are low carb is the first step in making good food choices. Typically, you can find some low-carb foods just about anywhere, and Dollywood is no exception. This quick list of top low-carb foods at Dollywood is a fantastic resource.

Low Carb Food options at Dollywood collage with pics of pork rinds sausages, and turkey leg restaurant

Low Carb Foods at Dollywood

While many people look forward to the variety of foods at theme parks, if you are following a low-carb diet, many tempting food options aren’t on your eating plan. It isn’t easy to turn down foods, especially at a theme park like Dollywood with its incredible homemade cinnamon bread, kettle corn, and baked goods. However, if you know ahead of time what foods are low carb, it isn’t impossible. On a recent trip to Dollywood with our big kids on our annual back-to-school getaway, I noted some of the low-carb foods.

In this post, I’ll share several low-carb food options at Dollywood around the park. While it isn’t a comprehensive list, as I didn’t visit every eatery, it provides a general overview of the top foods at Dollywood that are low carb for those following a low carb or keto lifestyle.

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Granny Ogle's Ham & Beans at Dollywood

Low Carb Foods at Dollywood in Craftsman’s Valley

1. Granny Ogle’s Ham ‘N’ Beans – a full-service dining restaurant in Craftsman’s Valley
Low Carb Options – Deviled Eggs & Bacon, Smoked Ham, & Turnips

2. Hickory House BBQ – a quick service dining option in Craftsman’s Valley (voted the best pork BBQ of any theme park in the country)
Low Carb Option – pulled pork with no BBQ Sauce or bun


Lillian's Smoke House Dollywood

3. Miss Lillian’s BBQ Corner – a quick service option in Craftsman’s Valley
Low Carb Food Options – BBQ pork (no bbq) and hickory smoked turkey leg

4. Miss Lillian’s Smokehouse –  a full-service buffet in Craftsman’s Valley
Low Carb Food Options – Smoked roast beef, carved ham, smoked chicken, green beans, salad

pork rinds in big stainless steel tubs - original and bbq low carb foods at Dollywood theme park

5. Pork Rinds – Concession in Craftsman’s Valley
Low Carb Food Option – Freshly deep-fried pork rinds in regular or bbq

Low Carb Food at Dollywood in Jukebox Junction

6. Red’s Drive-In – a quick-service restaurant in Jukebox Junction
Low Carb Food Option – 1/3 Bacon Cheeseburger (no bun)

market square skillets making summer sausage and grilled veggies

Low Carb Foods at Dollywood in Rivertown Junction

7. Market Square Skillets – a quick service dining option in Rivertown Junction
Low Carb Food Options – Sausage & Steak with grilled veggies (ask for no bun)

Low Carb Foods at Dollywood in Wilderness Pass

8. Lumber Jack Pizza – a quick service dining option in Wilderness Pass
Low Carb Option – Toppings off of the pizza and side salad

Low Carb Foods at Dollywood on Show Street

9. Front Porch Cafe – a full-service restaurant on Show Street
Low Carb Food Option – Burger (no bun), pulled pork (no bun), Grilled or Blackened Chicken Breast Sandwich (no bun), Veggie Melt (no bun),
Classic Club (no bread) and salads (skip croutons)

till & harvest in wildwood grove

Low Carb Foods at Dollywood in Wildwood Grove

10. Till & Harvest – full-service Dining in Wildwood Grove
Low Carb Food Options – This restaurant is one of the newest restaurants in Dollywood and offers a fantastic variety of low-carb foods. It is a “build your own” fresh Tex Mex eatery. Skip the burritos and taco shells and ask for a bowl or salad of your favorite meats, veggies, and low-carb toppings instead.

Take Your Snacks

11. Don’t forget that you can bring your snacks to Dollywood, and each concession stand and eatery offers free ice water.


Our family loves visiting Dollywood Theme Park in Sevierville, TN, every year. It is always immaculate and the family-friendly atmosphere wins us over again and again. It is a family tradition to visit at least once a season,n and all of our kids, who are of various ages from 2 years old up to 15, always have a blast.

You can find more information about Dollywood’s dining options on their website. Also, download the Dollywood app before your next trip, as we found it incredibly helpful.

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  1. Very much appreciate this article. It helps to know there are so many options at theme parks. We are close to Silver Dollar City in Branson & I’m sure many of the foods offered are similar. Dolly is partners with the Silver Dollar City owners. Your review made me so hungry!!!!

    On another note, I continually return to your website to steal recipes…they are so good!

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