Easy Summer Salsa Recipe (Great for Cookouts!)


Summer is great for testing out all kinds of fresh new recipes. I love getting fresh herbs and produce in season and making tons of yummy dishes. My Easy Summer Salsa recipe is no exception. When my family and I crave Mexican, I make a triple batch and watch as it gets devoured!

easy-summer-salsaEasy Summer Salsa Recipe

My family’s favorite phrase is when I say, “I’m making salsa today!” Their faces light up because they can’t get enough of this stuff. It’s an understatement to say that my whole family loves Mexican food – so when I make my salsa recipe, I usually do a triple batch. I can use it over the next few days in any other Mexican recipes I wind up cooking. Plus – it tastes even BETTER the second day.

This salsa is made up of super fresh ingredients with a bright, slight kick. This salsa is perfect for any occasion whether it’s Sunday night football or Taco Tuesday, you can’t wrong with this simple recipe you can make in 5 minutes!

Note: If you can, try to get the freshest ingredients possible. I’m talking fresh tomatoes, fresh cilantro, garlic, limes, you name it! The fresher the ingredients, the better this salsa will taste!

I know the recipe calls for Del Monte Mexican Stewed Tomatoes. However, fresh tomatoes make it more authentic and fresh. Canned is easier, in my opinion, and I usually have them in my pantry, so that’s why I used them for this recipe! Keep reading to get all the juicy details.

This is a very easy recipe, so I love it, but the cilantro and lime give it a FRESH flavor (*I promise*). My recipe uses more cilantro than others I’ve seen, but I love-love-love how it tastes and smells. I’m pretty generous when it comes to the stuff – I usually put in about this much:



  • Fresh tomatoes or Del Monte Mexican Stewed Tomatoes– Canned tomatoes work great in this recipe if you need to save time. They make an excellent, thick salsa with tons of flavor! You’ll want to drain these before putting them in the blender, or your salsa will be soupy. 
  • Fresh Chopped Cilantro– This is the main flavor profile in the entire recipe. I use way more than most recipes call for because I love it so much. If you like cilantro, you’ll love this recipe!
  • Minced Garlic– This adds a robust flavor profile to this recipe.
  • Lime– This adds freshness to the salsa and combines perfectly with the cilantro for an authentic Mexican treat. 
  • Diced Green Chiles– These add a little kick to the salsa and add to the flavor. 
  • Chili Powder– This gives the salsa some flavor and a little kick. 
  • Cumin– This gives the salsa some flavor. 
  • Optional – Jalapenos


Steps to Making Easy Summer Salsa:

Step 1: Put all of the ingredients in the blender and pulse several times until it’s a nice thick consistency. I prefer mine pureed so that there is barely a hint of a chunk remaining – but my husband is a chunk-fan. After a few pulses, I compromise by pouring out most of the salsa for him and then pureeing mine to what I like!

Tip: If you need a new blender, I got this one super cheap last year, and it’s excellent!

Step 2: Refrigerate for a couple of hours before serving, so all those ingredients can meet and greet and start getting to know each other intimately. The best, as I said, will be the next day… but who can wait that long!?

What If I Don’t Have Del Monte Mexican Stewed Tomatoes?

You can use Roma Tomatoes, Little or Big Mama Tomatoes, or Amish Paste Tomatoes. These are easy to cut and have fewer seeds! You can also use canned Roma tomatoes or something similar if you prefer. However, you may have to add some extra spice because Del Monte Tomatoes have Jalepeño, Garlic, and Cumin inside.

What If I Don’t Have a Blender?

No worries! If you don’t have a blender, you can always use a food processor! You’ll get the same result either way.

How Long Will Salsa Last?

It can last for up to a week if sealed in an airtight container!

Can I Make This Recipe Sweeter?

Yes! If you prefer a sweeter salsa, you can throw in a pinch of keto-friendly sweetener or sugar (if you don’t eat low carb).

Is Salsa Healthy?

Yes! Salsa is made up of some of the freshest ingredients that are very low in calories, so it’s quite healthy!

Can I Add Extra Spices to This Recipe?

Of course! You can add or take away whatever you want! The beauty of salsa is that it’s unique to you and your family’s preferences.

Other Ways to Enjoy Summer Salsa:

There are several other ways to enjoy this delicious salsa besides just chips!

  • Homemade Burritos
  • Breakfast Tacos
  • As a dip with veggies
  • On a burrito bowl
  • On top of stuffed peppers
  • On top of taco salad

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Easy Summer Salsa Recipe (Great for Cookouts!)

Author: Kasey Trenum


  • 2 Cans Del Monte Mexican Stewed Tomatoes Drain most of the juice (any diced/stewed tomatoes work in a pinch)
  • 1/2 Yellow Onion Diced finely
  • 1 tsp Minced Garlic
  • Juice of 1 Lime
  • 4 Oz Can of Diced Green Chiles
  • 2 Heaping Handfuls of Fresh Chopped Cilantro
  • Spices: 1/2 TSP Cumin 1/2 TSP Chili Powder, 1 TSP Salt


  • Put all of the ingredients in the blender and pulse several times until it's a nice thick consistency.
  • Refrigerate for a couple hours before serving.
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