Best Price on Lily’s Chocolate Chips

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*******UPDATE:  This listing is currently back in stock but if it does sell out again, make sure to check 3rd party seller option that is on the bottom right side of the page at the Amazon link below(Amazon’s prices can fluctuate so this can change.)*******

I just found the very best price on Lily’s Chocolate Chips on Amazon that I’ve ever seen. In fact, it is cheaper than I’ve bought them at Whole Foods and Fresh Market. I love that Lily’s Chocolate Chips are sweetened with Stevia.

The best part about ordering Lily’s Chocolate Chips on Amazon is that they are shipped straight to your door, which makes this momma of four very happy! Keep in mind that Amazon’s prices fluctuate all the time, but at the time of this posting it is the very best price I’ve seen. Click here to check out the current price. 

Some of my favorite keto/low carb recipes that use Lily’s Chips are:



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