Top Keto Sam’s Club Shopping List

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If you are trying to find the best keto items to buy at your local Sam’s Club, we have the list. Our Top Keto Sam’s Club Shopping List has all of the top keto items you will want to look for when heading to your local warehouse club.

Top Keto Items Sam's Club Shopping List is a perfect place to look when planning your next trip to this popular warehouse store. Tons of great keto items!

Top Keto Sam’s Club Shopping List

Since I posted my Top Keto Grocery Items at CostcoVery Basic Keto Grocery List, Top Keto Grocery Items at Walmart, and Amazon Keto List, I thought that perhaps a list of top Keto grocery items at Sam’s Club might be helpful. (My friend Lauren posted an ALDI and Target grocery list you should check out.) While visiting my hubby’s family in Ohio, we took pics of some of our favorite Keto grocery items at Sam’s Club. Of course, the inventory can vary from store to store, but I wanted to post a simple list to get you started. There are tons of other keto items, but I narrowed it down to the most popular ones. 

Keto Grocery Items at Sam's Club

You can find bulk bags of pecans, almonds, and walnuts, which make fantastic snacks and are a great addition to fat bombs like Everything but the Kitchen Sink Fat Bombs.

spices on the shelf at Sam's Club

Spices make foods so much better, and Sam’s Club’s selection did not disappoint.

olive oil on the shelf at Sam's Club

Olive Oil is a staple in the Ketogenic Diet and can be used so many different ways.

coconut oil at sams club

We use a ton of coconut oil too. It is another Keto-approved fat.

sliced jalapeños on the shelf at sams club

This is for my hubby and kids, who love all things hot since their momma is a total wimp. They even add jalapenos to The Very Best Taco Meat to spice it up even more.

Keto Grocery Items at Sam's Club

Parmesan Crisps are a favorite crunchy keto snack!

Keto Grocery Items at Sam's Club

If you like olives, then you are in luck.

Keto Grocery Items at Sam's Club

Almond flour is a staple for many when eating Keto. Make sure to give these Keto bagels made with almond flour a try.

Keto Grocery Items at Sam's Club

Pickles make such a great snack, and the added sodium is a bonus.

Keto Grocery Items at Sam's Club

I use chicken broth and beef broth in so many recipes; it is a staple on my grocery list that I prefer to purchase in bulk. These are one of the best deals on my Sam’s Club shopping list for Keto dieters.

Recipe Ideas:

Keto Grocery Items at Sam's Club

We love all kinds of green beans and often eat them as a side. Originally from Georgia, Southern Green Beans is my favorite, like my grandmother’s.

Keto Grocery Items at Sam's Club

Bacon crumbles can be so helpful to add to soups, salads, or recipes in a snap.

Keto Grocery Items at Sam's Club

Of course, Sam’s stocks many different brands and varieties of coffee.

Keto Grocery Items at Sam's Club

I tried this Truvia sweetener last weekend at my in-law’s house when we were in Ohio in my coffee, and it was fantastic. It didn’t leave an aftertaste at all.

I made sure to check the ingredients in the Almond Butter, and there are no added sugars. Almond butter is a great way to add fats to your diet.

Keto Grocery Items at Sam's Club

Buying water at big box warehouse stores is a huge money saver.

Keto Grocery Items at Sam's Club

Sam’s Club stocks a wide variety of frozen veggies. Although I prefer fresh produce, frozen is much easier when in a hurry. I always keep broccoli in the freezer to easily make Broccoli & Cheese Soup if I am out of fresh.

Keto Grocery Items at Sam's Club

Bunless burgers are fabulous, but they are even better if you add cheese and bacon.

Keto Grocery Items at Sam's Club

Chicken Wings are a great fatty meat, and they are easy to prepare.

Keto Grocery Items at Sam's Club

When following a Ketogenic lifestyle, it is best to buy block cheese and shred your own to avoid the fillers in shredded cheese. So, skip the bottom shelf here and go for the block cheeses on the top.

bacon Keto Grocery Items at Sam's Club

If I could pick one food that I am enjoying eating again after avoiding fats for years before we started eating Keto, I would say it would be hands down bacon.

restaurant style bacon Keto Grocery Items at Sam's Club

I am so intrigued by this bacon! It is already laid out for you on parchment paper, so you grab a sheet, place it on a cookie sheet, and bake.

Keto Grocery Items at Sam's Club

I keep my fridge stocked with butter since we often use it in many recipes.

Keto Grocery Items at Sam's Club

I have found that the Philadelphia brand has fewer carbs than the store brand and contains fewer ingredients than store-bought versions, and can have fewer carbs.

If you haven’t tried these recipes that use cream cheese, you should! Cream cheese can be used in both sweet and savory dishes.

Keto Grocery Items at Sam's Club

I would never have thought I would use as much heavy whipping cream as now. It makes a great coffee creamer, among many other things such as Peanut Butter Fluff and Key Lime Fluff.

unsweetened almond milk

I know many people drink almond milk. This organic unsweetened vanilla Almond Milk looked like a great deal.

eggs in cartons

We use a lot of eggs, so it makes sense to buy in bulk.

bagged salad Grocery Items at Sam's Club

Sam’s stocks a wide variety of bagged salads.

fresh veggies at Sam's Club

Cauliflower anyone? Take your choice here either a cauliflower bunch, florets, or pearls. Also, celery is a good veggie option. You can eat it with nut butter instead of crackers with low-carb dips.

Avocados Keto Grocery Items at Sam's Club

Avocados are a great healthy fat.

Keto Grocery Items at Sam's Club

I don’t eat mushrooms, but I think they make a very flavorful gravy. You can make a Portobello Pizza, Chicken & Mushroom Gravy, or Chicken Lombardy.

Keto friendly veggies at Sam's Club

I love how simple it is to eat Keto. We often eat meat and veggies for dinner. Brussels Sprouts & Bacon is a delicious low-carb side dish.

Wright thick cut bacon in packaging

This thick-cut bacon, while pricier than regular, is delicious.

variety if different cheeses packaged together at Sam's Club

This kind of pre-sliced cheese is my favorite as it makes it so easy to make Homemade Cheese Crisps.

real cheese prepackaged in individual serving sizes

My hubby and kids love snacking on this kind of cheese.

stringed cheese for keto snacks at sams

String cheese is a great portable snack. If you want to try something amazing, check out how to make Bacon Wrapped Cheese Sticks.

keto snacks salami and cheese at Sam's Club

These make great snacks.

beef at the grocery store

Sam’s Club offers a wide selection of beef. One way I save time during the week when I cook dinner is by purchasing ground beef in bulk and browning it ahead of time. Then, I freeze it by the pound in zip lock bags.

packaged chicken at Sam's

You have a choice of just about any kind of chicken you prefer (not all pictured).

pork in meat section at store

We love making pork tenderloins and boneless pork chops.

packaged fresh strawberries and blueberries at Sam's Club

It is incredible how sweet fruit tastes when you quit eating sugar. Although I eat berries in moderation, I love making Lemon Berry Keto Cream Cheese desert, Mixed Berry Muffins, Blueberry Bread, and 90-Second Strawberry Shortcake. I especially love berries in the summer.

parchment paper in packaging

I’ve never used parchment paper as often as I do now. It makes cooking bacon mess-free.

As you can see, this Sam’s Club shopping list has tons of amazing deals on items you can use every day in your Keto routine!



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  1. Have you tried the Member’s Mark bacon crumbles? I used to buy the Hormel brand from Sam’s before they switched to this, and the reviews are so bad on the Member’s Mark that I’ve avoided trying them.

    1. I love them. Use them on salads, wraps, cooking and so much more. I add to my Cauliflower Rice too. Good stuff. The ones at Costco are good too.

  2. I didn’t realize that Sams carried Truvia. I’m sure its a better price than what I have found it for in the stores. Thanks!

    1. Sure! Inventory may vary from store to store or region to region but I have seen it in Tennessee and Ohio at Sam’s Club.

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