Best Mini Waffle Makers for Chaffles

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With the Dash Mini Maker selling out left and right, here is a list of the best mini waffle makers for chaffles.

collage of mini waffle makers for Chaffles


Best Mini Waffle Makers for Chaffles

In the past month, chaffles have taken the low-carb world by storm. I’ve never seen any kind of recipe rise to such popularity in such a short time. In every keto Facebook group, you’ll find many different variations of the chaffle from sweet to savory. The only problem is it seems that the Dash Mini Maker, which is the most popular, is out of stock in many places. With that in mind, I thought I’d post a list of my top 5.

First Things First, What is a Chaffle?

The chaffle recipe craze started with just eggs and cheese to make a cheese waffle. I’m not sure where the first recipe originated, perhaps from a Facebook group, but it has gone viral very quickly. Of course, the recipe now has many different variations and may include additional ingredients such as baking powder, coconut or almond flour, sugar-free sweeteners, cream cheese, heavy cream, and a host of other ingredients.

Best Chaffle Recipes:

Tip: Make sure to check out this list of Ultimate Tips for Best Keto Chaffle Recipes. 

What is a mini waffle maker?

It is a small or mini kitchen appliance that makes snack-sized traditional waffles or chaffles quickly. I appreciate the fact that it is compact so that it stores easily and is generally easy to clean. It is different from a classic waffle maker not only in the size waffles it makes, but the grates are smaller and don’t have deep pockets. I think the shallow grates help to make chaffles crisper.

Things to consider when shopping

  1. Is a dishwasher-safe waffle iron important to you?
  2. Are you looking for removable plates?
  3. Had you rather have a regular waffle maker or a Belgian waffle maker?
  4. How easy is it to clean?

Top 5 mini makers for chaffles

burgess brothers waffle

1. Burgess Brothers ChurWaffle Maker 

Specialty Waffle Maker · Makes 4 Waffles at a time

  • Makes the perfect size 3” Chaffles Waffles
  • Cleans easily – No Messy Sprays, No Removable Trays, No Scrapers, No Hassle!
  • 12-month product warranty

heart waffle iron

2. Holstein Housewares Heart Waffle Maker

  • Make four 3.5 X 3-inch heart-shaped waffles at once
  • Cooking and cleaning is easy with non-stick coated cooking surfaces
  • Stores upright to save space.

baby cakes waffle stick maker

  • Make 4 Waffle Sticks at once
  • Cleans Easily – nonstick surface
  • Convenient Cord Wrap for storage

Disney mini waffle maker

4. Disney DCM-9 Mickey Mini Waffle Maker

  • Makes One Mickey Mouse-Shaped Waffle
  • Non-Stick Baking Plate for easy cleaning
  • Convenient Cord Wrap

**I read through the questions and answers and it seems the face part of the waffle, and the ears together make a 4.5-inch waffle.


dash mini maker

5. Dash Mini Waffle Maker

While it seems to be sold out in quite a few places at the time of this posting, I’d be remiss not to mention the most popular mini maker for making chaffles.

  • Cooks chaffles in approx 4 minutes
  • Easy to clean
  • Most chaffle recipes are geared for this appliance as far as serving size goes and how much batter to use.
  • Makes a nice crisp waffle due to high heat and the small pockets that are close together


Dash Mini Waffle Maker, Grill, and Bowl set

Dash MINI Maker 3-Piece Griddle, Waffle, and Grill 3-piece Set 

  • Three different cooking surfaces for frying, grilling, making waffles and toast
  • Easy to use: just plug it in, and when the blue light turns off, you’re ready to go
  • Nonstick cooking surfaces easily wipe clean
  • Each piece heats up quickly and evenly


collage of mini waffle makers for Chaffles

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  1. Kasey love your BLOG and I love even more your review our our ChurWaffle Iron. We’d love to send you a sample our our Grandmothers all purpose cornbread mix when your and the family take a small cheat day and enjoy a few carbs..

    Our first batch of units have nearly sold out on AMAZON!! Our second batch of units will include a sample package of our mix. Our goal is to circle back to everyone that did not get the opportunity to a product the clearly deserved to be shared with the world. Looking forward to your review.

    1. Hi Jonathan. I appreciate you reaching out. I’d love to receive a sample unit of your ChurWaffle Iron to try. I haven’t made more than one chaffle at a time and I think it would be much easier.

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