Maple Pumpkin Keto Waffle Recipe (Chaffle Recipe)

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Maple Pumpkin Keto Waffle Recipe Chaffle has the perfect amount of pumpkin spice with a hint a maple for an incredible low-carb treat. You can enjoy it as a dessert or a delicious breakfast, a fun change of pace from eggs.

pumpkin keto waffles recipe plated with whipped cream on top and a fork in the chaffle

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Maple Pumpkin Keto Waffle Recipe (Chaffle)

My husband loves all things pumpkin, so I knew when I first saw the highly popular chaffle recipe, I had to make a pumpkin chaffle just for him. Instead of making only two chaffles, this recipe makes four. They are so delicious you’ll want more for later, or in my case, we have enough for both my hubby and myself. We ate it for breakfast, but you could also enjoy it as a delicious dessert with a scoop of keto-friendly ice cream and pecans on top. 

Is this a Waffle or a Chaffle Recipe?

The short answer is either! A Chaffle a brand new keto food craze that traditionally includes egg and cheese to make a savory chaffle (or cheese waffle). There is no need for any butter or coconut oil in chaffle recipes because of the added cheese and other fats such as heavy cream and cream cheese. In this recipe, I change up the ingredients to make a Maple Pumpkin Keto Waffle Recipe that is also a Chaffle. You can call it whatever you want. I’m just covering my bases here.

Is Pumpkin Keto Friendly?

Yes, pumpkin is keto-friendly. A half-cup of pumpkin is less than 5g of net carbs. It is high in fiber, contains beta-carotene and vitamin A. When incorporated into a recipe and divided by the number of servings, it minimizes the net carb count.

What Kind of Pumpkin Do Use in Keto Maple Syrup Pumpkin Chaffle?

Make sure you are using Pumpkin Puree or 100% pumpkin. The only ingredient in either is just pumpkin. You want to avoid pumpkin pie filling as it contains sugar and is high in carbs.

Can I Use Homemade Pumpkin Puree?

You can, but it will be thinner. You may need to adjust the recipe by adding a tad more coconut flour to thicken the batter for the Maple Pumpkin Keto Waffles (Chaffles) recipe. I have never personally, tested it so I can’t say precisely how much.

ingredients for pumpkin Chaffles in a small bowl

You can’t get much easier than to throw all of the ingredients in a bowl and stir for a simple and delicious keto chaffle recipe. Don’t forget the baking powder in this recipe, as it helps the Pumpkin Keto Waffles to puff up nicely.

batter for pumpkin keto waffles recipe

After all the ingredients are thoroughly combined for the pumpkin chaffles, it will be very thin. That is normal. Some people use a magic bullet or immersion blender to mix the ingredients. Neither are necessary as you can use a small whisk or spoon to combine the ingredients.

pumpkin Chaffle batter in the mini dash waffle maker with a keto waffle sitting next to it.

Pour just enough batter each time to cover the bottom of the waffle maker. When you close the lid, the batter will continue to disperse. If you add too much batter, it will pour out all over the sides of the dash mini waffle maker. This is true not only for this Maple Pumpkin Keto Waffle recipe but for all other chaffle recipes.

Is this Pumpkin Keto Waffle or Chaffle Recipe Gluten-Free?

All of the ingredients I used in my kitchen were gluten-free, but you should double-check the exact ingredients that you use. I have a daughter with severe food allergies, so I understand the importance of vigilance in this area.

pumpkin keto waffle recipe plated

More Keto Pumpkin Recipes:

Since we are talking about pumpkin waffles or chaffles, I’ll go ahead and link more keto pumpkin recipes below. I know the pumpkin lover wants all things pumpkin, not just a pumpkin chaffle.

What Kind of Sugar-Free Maple Syrup is Keto Friendly?

My favorite keto maple syrup is Lakanto Maple Syrup. My husband has been a type 1 diabetic for many years, and we have tried many sugar-free syrups over the years. Lakanto is by far the best tasting in our opinion with clean ingredients compared to many others, and it is sweetened with monk fruit.

Instead of adding sweetener to the batter of this Pumpkin Keto Waffle Recipe (Chaffle), I added a tad bit of the sugar-free syrup in the batter, which gave the hint of sweetness that it needed.

What is a Dash Mini Waffle Maker?

The Dash Mini Waffle Maker is all the rage in keto Facebook groups. It is a mini waffle maker that is small, portable, and inexpensive for making both waffles and chaffles. Right now, chaffles are extremely popular and most of the recipes you’ll find online fit the Dash Mini Waffle Maker for chaffles, although you can adjust the recipe for a regular waffle maker.

white dash mini chaffle maker

Miniature light and fluffy waffles are the name of the game when you use this Dash mini waffle maker. Each waffle is 4 inches round.

Burgess Brothers waffle Iron

If you don’t have time to make one pumpkin chaffle at a time, this waffle maker makes four 3 inch waffles at a time. You would need to use a little less batter, but it would be a huge time saver.

Can I Use a Regular Waffle Maker to Make this Pumpkin Chaffle Recipe?

Of course! Feel free to use a regular waffle maker or a Belgian waffle maker; however, you’ll need to adjust the number of servings in the recipe. Either will require more batter to make one Maple Pumpkin Keto Waffle Recipe (Chaffle).

keto pumpkin Chaffles plated

How to Serve Maple Pumpkin Chaffles?

We enjoy this Maple Pumpkin Keto Waffle recipe (or chaffle) with a bit of sugar-free whipped cream and sugar-free Lakanto maple syrup on top. For a delicious keto dessert option, you could top with a scoop of low-carb ice cream and toasted pecans.

More Chaffle Keto Recipes:

How to Make Maple Pumpkin Keto Waffle Recipe:

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Maple Pumpkin Keto Waffle Recipe (Chaffle)

This Maple Pumpkin Keto Waffle Recipe (Chaffle) is full of delicious pumpkin spice flavor with a hint of maple. Chaffles makes a simple and delicious low-carb breakfast recipe or low-carb dessert.
Prep Time5 minutes
Cook Time16 minutes
Course: bread, Breakfast, Snack
Cuisine: American, casual
Keyword: Pumpkin Chaffle, Pumpkin Keto Waffle Recipe
Servings: 2
Calories: 201kcal
Author: Kasey Trenum



  • Turn on waffle or chaffle maker. I use the Dash Mini Waffle Maker.
  • In a small bowl, combine all ingredients.
  • Cover the Dash mini waffle maker with 1/4 of the batter and cook for 3-4 minutes.
  • Repeat 3 more times until you have made 4 Maple Syrup Pumpkin Keto Waffles (Chaffles).
  • Serve with sugar-free maple syrup or keto ice cream.


The sugar alcohols from the Lakanto Maple Syrup are not included in net carbs as most subtract to calculate net carbs. 


Serving: 2Chaffles | Calories: 201kcal | Carbohydrates: 4g | Protein: 12g | Fat: 15g | Saturated Fat: 8g | Cholesterol: 200mg | Sodium: 249mg | Potassium: 271mg | Fiber: 1g | Sugar: 1g | Vitamin A: 1341IU | Calcium: 254mg | Iron: 1mg
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pumpkin Chaffle plated collage


    1. I use almond flour and most of your recipes say coconut flour, how much do i use of almond flour, thank you for the recipes , love the chaffel recipes

  1. Is it really only 2 teaspoons of pumpkin purée? It seems wasteful to open the can for such a small amount. Any suggestions for what to do with the rest of the pumpkin?

    1. If you go to and search pumpkin, there are quite a few recipes you could make with the remaining pumpkin.

    2. Drop the pumpkin purée into an ice cube tray and freeze. After they’re frozen you can store them in a freezer bag and take out only what you need when you need it. No waste!!!!😁

    3. Put leftover pumpkin in plastic bag and smooth to even depth. . Press grids in 2 tbs sizes then freeze. You can pop out the smaller cubes as needed for recipes and no waste

  2. Oh my goodness! Why have I never found your website before!?! I cant wait to try all the keto/low carb recipes, especially the pumkin flavored chaffles! I think this is going to be the recipes that I meal prep with!
    Thank you ☺😊

    1. That is wonderful, Heather. I’m glad you found my website, too. The pumpkin flavored chaffles are to die for!!

  3. can you use almond flour instead of coconut flour? I have a coconut allergy in my family so we try to avoid using it in the kitchen, just in case.

    1. Of course. My oldest daughter has a nut allergy is why I always use coconut flour. You need to use 4x more almond flour than coconut flour.

  4. 5 stars
    Just in time for fall!! I need all the pumpkin things in my life. Thank you Kasey for always sharing your wonderful recipes.

    1. The traditional chaffle has 1/2 cup of cheese but now there are tons and tons of variations of it. My chocolate chip chaffle has no cheese in it.

  5. 5 stars
    So good!! I added some Lilly’s chocolate chips after they were done and they were amazing! I recommend Kasey’s recipes to everyone! Thanks again for another wonderful, easy, delicious recipe! I’ve struggled to stay on track the last few months and recipes like this keep me moving forward!

  6. 5 stars
    Very good chaffle, my first ever. I do have a question regarding the cheese. The recipe calls for 1/2 cup shredded cheese but I measured out 4 ounces and it seemed like a lot. Is there anyway to know the dry weight of the cheese as I know one could pack down the shredded cheese in the measuring cup or leave it loose which would make a big difference in the macros.

  7. 5 stars
    These are excellent. Loved them😍 For the people concerned about limited use of pumpkin, I spoon it out (to my needs) put it on a silpat mat, freeze as is. Take them out, bag it, and next time you’ll take out what’s needed for your next recipe. . Easy! I do the same with tomato paste.

  8. These are my go to pumpkin chaffles! Fluffy, flavourful, filling, nice spice mix too. I’m Canadian, and I like Steve’s maple syrup, but at $11 a small bottle yikes! I so, I combine another thicker low carb syrup and add some Steve’s to it. Wonderful combo. Kasey, I’ll going to check your site now for your other recipes, I’m certain I’ll be thrilled.. Thanks Soo much.

  9. Hi there! Thank you for the recipe. Mine remained floppy even after cooking for seven minutes. (I increased the cooking time for each next chaffle due to this, to no avail.)

    The batter was thin as promised but the texture was insufferable. Did I do something wrong maybe? Curious if you have the experience to know if simply adding another teaspoon of coconut flour would help or if I need to reduce the liquids.

    1. I don’t have any way of knowing what might have happened without being there and observing the process. I wish I knew. Mine gets crispy. You could try popping it in the air fryer or oven to crisp it. Was your waffle maker good and hot when you added the batter? Do you use a dash waffle maker or a different kind?

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