Keto Meal Plan Week 64

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Keto Meal Plan Week 64

It’s week 64 of our free Keto Meal Plans. As a mom of 4, I like to keep meals easy for my family without a lot of fluff. My recipes are family-friendly and don’t require a lot of weird ingredients. Southern born and raised, many say that my recipes remind them of low carb versions of their favorite comfort foods. I fast breakfast most days to keep it simple. Then, leftovers from dinner the night before making lunch easy breezy. If you’d like alternative meals ideas check out my keto/low carb recipe index for a considerable list of recipes.

Low Carb Breakfast Ideas

Low Carb Breakfast Ideas: You can find lots of keto breakfast ideas here. I typically only drink bulletproof coffee for breakfast as it keeps me full for hours. I recently posted how I make my bulletproof coffee since I had so many of you ask. To keep it simple at lunch, I prefer to eat leftovers, so I am not spending a ton of time in the kitchen during our homeschool day. I have a big family so to make this happen I often double or triple recipes when I prepare dinner.

Sunday: Unstuffed Cabbage Skillet & Salad

Monday: Monterrey Chicken & Steamed Broccoli

Tuesday: Keto Pot Roast (Instant Pot Recipe here or Slow Cooker Recipe here), Southern Green Beans, & Cauliflower Mac N Cheese 

Wednesday: We eat out on Wednesday nights so we can get to church on time.

Thursday: Cheesy Ranch Chicken with Bacon & Salad

Friday: Taco Salads with The Very Best Taco Meat

Saturday: Bunless Keto Butter Burgers & Loaded Parmesan Roasted Cauliflower with cheese and bacon 

Snacks – Homemade Cheese Cracker Crisps, pecans, or pork rinds

Sweet Treat-  Keto Blonde Brownies


You can access all of my Keto/Low Carb Recipes in my Keto/Low Carb Recipe Index or follow me on Pinterest for fabulous Keto/Low Carb Recipe Ideas. If you are just getting started following a keto diet and would like more information, here is a list of fantastic resources. Amazon has several great books you may want to check out here.


  1. I used one of your recipes for fat bombs and I now can’t find it again. It tasted like fudge and it had whipping cream, cocoa, peanut butter & coconut oil in it along with some other items. I loved it and would like to make it again. can you help

  2. I just subscribed to 52 weeks mail planning on keto I cannot find it in my email anywhere could you please help me out?

    1. Hmmmmmm……It mush have been on a different website as I don’t offer this option. Thanks!

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