Keto Meal Plan 17

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Keto Meal Plan

It’s Meal Plan Sunday, and I am already ahead of the game. I made my grocery list last night and shopped online. We picked our groceries up on the way home from church today so now my meal plan is ready for the week, and we have groceries. Although I am not an organized person by nature, and it doesn’t come easily to me when I take the time to plan my week I feel so much more prepared.

As I have said before, I take a somewhat lazy approach to meal planning. I don’t prep a lot of food in advance simply because I don’t have the time. Instead, I have found that making extra at meals to cover lunch the next day is the most helpful step I can take. I also like to buy ground beef in bulk when I can and brown it in advance and freeze it in ziplock bags. It makes cooking dinner later so much faster. If you are new to meal planning, these 5 easy steps meal prep ideas will be helpful to get started. As always, this is a very loose plan. If I get a better offer for dinner out, I won’t hesitate to alter our meal plan for dinner out.

How I make Bulletproof Coffee:

I’ve had many people ask why I fast breakfast most days and how I make my Bulletproof coffee. First, I have 4 kids, so by the time I get all of them taken care of it is just easier to fast until lunch. Secondly, it helps me to keep my carbs and calories in check if I don’t eat a big breakfast. I am always up for experimenting with new ways to make coffee, but I’ve been using Perfect Keto MCT Powder, Perfect Keto Collagen Powder, heavy whipping cream, and Pyure liquid sweetener in my coffee for a while. If you are interested, the folks at Perfect Keto gave us an exclusive coupon code. Go here and use code KASEYTRENUM for 20% off! The sales price you get is shown on the site.

Keto Meal Plan


Breakfast – Bulletproof coffee

Lunch – Hot Ham & Cheese Unwich Casserole 

Dinner – Keto Pot Roast (crockpot recipe here, and Instant Pot here), Southern Green Beans, & Cauliflower Mac N Cheese


Breakfast – Bulletproof Coffee

Lunch – leftover Hot Ham & Cheese Unwich Casserole

Dinner – BBQ Chicken with Bacon & Cheese & Roasted asparagus (This was on the meal plan last week, but I tested a new recipe instead so I moved it to this week).


Breakfast – Bulletproof Coffee

Lunch –  leftover BBQ Chicken with Bacon & Cheese & Roasted Asparagus

Dinner – We grab dinner out on Wednesday nights so we can make it to church on time.


Breakfast – Bulletproof Coffee

Lunch – leftover Keto Pot Roast, Southern Green Beans, & Cauliflower Mac N Cheese

Dinner – Taco Salads with The Very Best Taco Meat 


Breakfast – Bulletproof Coffee

Lunch – leftover Taco Salads

Dinner – Out to eat


Breakfast – The Very Best Keto Waffles bacon & eggs

Lunch – Empty the fridge day of all the leftovers

Dinner – Grilled burgers (no buns) & Brussels Sprouts 


Snacks – Homemade Cheese Cracker Crisps, pecans, or pork rinds

Sweet Treat – Chocolate Chip Cheesecake Muffins (I make these all the time. They are so good!)


You can access all of my Keto/Low Carb Recipes in my Keto/Low Carb Recipe Index or follow me on Pinterest for fabulous Keto/Low Carb Recipe Ideas. If you are just getting started following a keto diet and would like more information, here is a list of fantastic resources. Amazon has several great books you may want to check out here.




Keto Meal Plan Master List

You can find all of the previous Keto Meal Plan samples in one place. My Keto Meal Plan Master List is updated weekly with all the links to previous meals plans in one place for your convenience.

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