One Pot Meals

Easy Low Carb, Keto One-Pot Meals

Keto one-pot meals and sheet pan dinners are the best kinds of meals, often used in our keto meal plans. We may be a little biased toward these types of meals for a very adult-ish reason: less cleanup! So what recipes are considered “one-pot” here?

When it comes to one-pot meals, there are quite a few versatile options like our Shredded Chicken in the Crock-Pot or our Mexican shredded chicken with some feisty flavor. You can devour perfectly juicy chicken on its own or add to another dish for added protein. Keto Pulled Pork is another classic shredded one-pot dish. With our low carb barbecue sauce, you’re in business for a heap of savory flavor that will remind you of summer nights even in the middle of winter.

Of course, we appreciate comfort foods as well. Our healthier Keto Low Carb Chicken Pot Pie trims the carbs but keeps the classic flavors you love like Grandma used to make. Our version will keep you feeling full and happy.

A twist on our favorite takeout, Egg Roll in a Bowl brings an infusion of Asian flavor that we can appreciate any day of the week. After cutting out the wrapper, you’re just one pan from a delicious Chinese dinner without all the carbs—but you won’t miss it!

Low-carb meals like our Sheet Pan Pork Chops are so easy and full of flavor, bringing a healthy helping of perfectly seasoned protein and vegetables to dinnertime. If you like the idea of an easy sheet pan dinner, check out our Keto Sheet Pan Sausage and Veggies. Another home run on easy!

You can also capture the magic of mom’s classic one-pot dish with our Keto Pot Roast. Juicy and fall apart goodness awaits. This is one recipe you can pass down for generations.

Speaking of mom’s classic dishes – we can’t forget about keto casseroles. Those are the OG one-pot dishes. Make and bake low- carb meals that just make sense.

Naturally, low carb keto soups and chili are another one-pot meal that will keep your whole family happy with minimal cleanup. Check out our delicious Cheeseburger Soup that channels the burger flavor we love without the carb-tastic bun. So. Good.

Check more of our keto Instant Pot recipes for one-pot options. You won’t be disappointed.

The Best Tools for Keto One-Pot Meals

Less mess is always best! Create delicious one-pot meals in any of our favorite gadgets! (affiliate links below)