Keto Low Carb Snack Ideas {low carb friendly}

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One of the questions that I get asked most often is for suggestions for Keto snack ideas. These low-carb snacks will satisfy your cravings while you stay plugged into your ketogenic diet for weight loss.

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Keto & Low Carb Snack Ideas

When it comes to sticking to the keto diet, the last thing you want is to be derailed by hunger after making great meal choices all day. Granted, the longer you follow a ketogenic lifestyle, the less you’ll want to snack, but in the beginning, you may find that you need snacks to stay on track if eating a meal at that moment isn’t feasible. Look for snacks with healthy fats to stay full longer. Also, if you are traveling, attending sporting events, or just unable to grab a low-carb snack, these ideas can make life much easier.

Since likes and dislikes can vary so much from person to person, I polled my Easy Keto/Low Carb Recipes Facebook Page for their favorite Keto and Low Carb snacks to provide various suggestions. Also, I am picky and tend to stick to deli ham, nuts, cheese crisps, and pickles, so I wanted ideas from others that might not be as habitual.

I’m looking forward to having this Keto Snack Ideas list handy for inspiration when looking for new low-carb snack ideas. Although some of the ideas may be similar, with different food combinations, you’ll be able to change them up enough to keep things interesting!

More keto and low carb recipes

You can access all of my Keto/Low Carb Recipes in my Keto/Low Carb Recipe Index or follow me on Pinterest for fabulous Keto/Low Carb Recipe Ideas. If you are just getting started following a keto diet and would like more information, there are tons of fantastic resources. Amazon has several great books you may want to check out here.

What can you snack on when on Keto?

One of the biggest conundrums when starting Keto is figuring out what to snack on. Most of the common snacks that people eat are carb-loaded. I’m talking crackers, pretzels, cookies, etc. So, it’s only natural for those who are big on snacks to face a bit of a challenge on Keto!

However, there are plenty of keto-friendly snack options available to those of us on a diet. You have to get a bit creative with it or think outside of the normal realm of snack foods. Cheese, nuts, some veggies, eggs, and cured meats are all great options for when you’re feeling peckish throughout the day.

Low Carb Snack Ideas

Keto Snack Ideas & Low Carb Snack Ideas

Smoked Nitrate Free Deli Meat (stay away from honey and maple-flavored varieties)

Cheese Sticks and Cheese Slices

Pork rinds drizzled with melted butter and a cinnamon/swerve mixtureketo pepperoni crisps on parchment paper
Pepperoni Crisps – That crunchy texture of a chip is often missed when on the keto diet. This Keto Pepperoni Chips Easy Snack Idea is a great option to help satisfy that need for a savory crunch. Plus, it packs tons of flavor and fills you up with added fat.

Hard salami rolled with cream cheese and banana peppers

Pistachios – better for a low-carb diet than keto because they are higher in carbs than other nuts. Eat in small amounts

Smucker’s natural peanut butter on slices of the block cheddar cheese –  (Tastes like the cheese and peanut butter crackers minus the crunch.)

Sliced hard salami spread with a little cream cheese, add a pickle, and roll up (also works with ham or other deli meat)

keto candied pecans on parchment paper

Keto Candied Pecans (substitute cinnamon instead of Pumpkin Spice for cinnamon candied pecans) This keto candied pecans recipe reminds me of the pecans I used to buy at the mall. You know the ones, they smell so amazing you walk around almost in a daze trying to find them? Yes! These are that good, and they are keto-friendly and low carb.

Cheese slices, celery, and pepperoni – veggies and pepperonis together make a great low-carb snack.

Moon Cheese – 100% natural Cheddar cheese. These low-fat, gluten-free bites are high in bone-building calcium, making them great healthy cereal/snack/puffs alternatives. A great alternative to sliced, cream, string, or shredded cheese snacks for adults and kids.

baked cheese crisps snack

Homemade Cheese Crisps –One of the foods that I have missed the most since we started following a keto/low carb lifestyle is Cheese-Its. I have finally found a comparable snack that takes care of my “crunchy food” cravings!

Jalepeño Poppers

Keto Coconut Haystacks 

Roasted Baby Peppers Stuffed with Feta

Celery and cream cheese – cut celery into sticks and spread cream cheese in the middle.

fat bombs

Chocolate Fat BombThese are The Best Chocolate Keto Fat Bombs I have tried! They are NO BAKE, so they are easy to make, decadent, rich, and super creamy! This recipe is made with sugar-free peanut butter, walnuts, cream cheese, and coconut!

“Palmetto” pimento cheese

Pecan halves and whipped cream – this delicious snack reminds me of ice cream.

Roasted Pecans/Almonds / Macadamia Nuts –  nuts are a fantastic snack. Make sure to measure as the fat and calories can add up quickly.

sliced air fyer chicken breasts on a cutting board with lemon and herbs


Air Fryer Marinated Chicken Breasts– It might sound like an odd snack, but air fryer chicken breasts are delicious and high in protein and easy to eat on the go when they are sliced.

Pork Rinds dipped in Salsa – look for pork rinds with no added sugar for the lowest carb snack.

Whisps Cheese Crisps – Individually oven-baked, handcrafted cheese crunch batches. Perfectly aged, containing premium ingredients and baked for that savory crunch you love

Jalapeños with cream cheese wrapped in bacon

Every Bagel Stuffed Celery Sticks

Nachos with pork rinds – add ground beef, jalapenos, Pico de Gallo, sour cream, and cheese for a fun treat.

Pork rinds with peanut butter.

keto hot ham and cheese rollups


Hot Ham & Cheese Roll-Ups – These Hot Ham Roll-Ups with Cheese are a perfect snack or meal. They come together fast and easy and make following the keto diet so much easier to manage.

low carb bacon wrapped cheese sticks on a platter

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Bacon-Wrapped Cheese Sticks – Cheese and bacon are a delicious combination that never gets old. These bites of gooey mozzarella cheese wrapped in bacon make a perfect lunch by themselves or a quick snack.

Cream cheese with chives and minced onion in between 2 slices of pepperoni

Pork rinds and cream cheese – dip your favorite pork rinds in cream cheese

Bacon-Wrapped Pickles – I know it sounds weird, but many people love crispy bacon wrapped around a pickle

keto party mix in a white bowl

Keto Party Mix  – This delicious and easy party mix will remind you of the traditional party mix many people make during the holidays. The flavor is exactly on point, and it has that nice crunchy texture many miss.

Moon cheese & pepperonis – Enjoy moon cheese snacks with slices of pepperonis for added fat and variety.

Keto Cinnamon Toast Crunch Cereal, who said you couldn’t have cereal on keto? This yummy version is the perfect snack.

Chocolate Avocado Ice Cream

Mason Jar Ice Cream – This is one of my most favorite keto ice creams to make, and it’s super easy. It reminds me of a Wendy’s frosty.

keto sausage ball puffs plated

Sausage Ball Puffs – This Keto Sausage Balls Recipe is easy to make, full of flavor, and versatile as a keto appetizer or low-carb breakfast. This one is kid-friendly and delicious!


keto peanut butter cookies stacked

Keto Peanut Butter Cookies – My Keto Peanut Butter Cookie Recipe is one made with love. Created out of memories of my own mom’s cookie recipe, this is a perfect option to share with your friends and family.

Keto Snacks Box – have a surprise keto snack box delivery subscription to try out new keto snacks, and it makes a fun surprise in the mail.

Lily’s Chocolate Chips mixed with Roasted Pecans and Walnuts – Lily’s chocolate chips are now available in a huge variety. You can change up the flavor anytime with these yummy sugar-free chips.

hard boiled egg sliced in half with white background

Hard-Boiled Eggs – Make hard-boiled eggs ahead of time to enjoy as a quick and nutritious snack for several days.


Deviled Eggs – If you prefer more flavor than traditional hard-boiled eggs, deviled eggs are a fantastic alternative that can be made ahead.

zucchini baked on a platter

Zucchini chips – Zucchini chips are easy to make and deliciously crunchy snack to enjoy with your favorite low carb dipping sauce

Beef or turkey jerky – look for the lowest carbs without added sugary ingredients.

Close up color photo with delicious kale chips on white bowl, ready to enjoy a gourmet snack.

Kale chips – Kale chips are a delicious, healthy alternative snack that is easy to make. With just 3 ingredients, you can whip these up in a flash for a quick afternoon snack.


Sugar-free jello or popsicles – some who eat strict keto may avoid the sugar substitute in these.

Bone Broth

Salad – make a delicious leafy green salad full of low-carb veggies, then top with a few pecans for added fat.


Fresh veggies celery, broccoli, cucumber, radishes, cauliflower, etc – Dipped in ranch dressing or guacamole for extra flavor

Bulletproof Coffee – add butter or coconut oil to your coffee for extra fat.

zucchini pizza bites on a platter

Zucchini Pizza Bites – I love pizza, and these pizza bites on fresh zucchini taste amazing and are a fun alternative.

Pickle slices with a dollop of peanut butter on top – I know it sounds weird, but I used to love peanut butter and pickle sandwiches. This is the same idea without the bread. Don’t knock it until you try it.

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More easy keto recipes

When you’re on the keto diet, you don’t have to sacrifice any flavor or ease to whip up a simple meal! To help you out, here are a few of my favorite easy keto recipes to make your meal planning a breeze.

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    1. Maybe one of the nastiest things I’ve ever tried at Costco. I asked the sales lady if she had tried them and she told me “hell no, they smell” 🙂

  1. Pickles and peanut butter! I grew up eating pb & dill sandwiches. I never thought to simply just eat them together. No matter how much we’ve learned and figure out it always pays to peruse these lists! Thanks!

  2. I have never tried the pork rinds with melted butter and cinnamon/swerve sprinkled on top, but I will. However, I do eat pork rinds with peanut butter! My boys and husband think it’s nasty, but Oh My, so good!!!! Try it!!! Thank you for all of your recipes! I am going to try many very soon!!!!

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